In order for your business to grow, you will probably put in a lot of effort to increase the number of customers. Yup, this can indeed support business development. However, you also need to pay attention to how the experience of customers who have purchased your product has been. If they are satisfied with the service and product, of course they will also return to make purchases and recommend your business to the people around them.


Well, to maintain relationships with customers who have shopped, you can use a follow-up strategy. There are various things you can discuss with customers, such as their impression of your products and services. In addition, for those of you who provide services such as workshops, you can also give reminders to customers to perform routine service. Did you know that customer follow-up is not only important for maintaining good relationships? Let’s find out more in the following explanation!


1. Improve customer shopping experience


Maybe, all this time you thought that the customer’s shopping experience only lasted until they finished the transaction. In fact, the follow-up process that you do can also affect the experience they get.

For example, there is a customer who finds a problem after shopping so your customer service team immediately helps to find a solution. Of course, these customers will certainly be satisfied with the services you provide. Not only that, the level of customer trust will be even greater.


2. To be superior in the midst of business competition


Competition in the business world is indeed a challenge for business actors. However, you should not be pessimistic and give up easily. You see, there are many ways you can do to keep yourself ahead in the midst of business competition. For example, you can improve the quality of your customer service.

When customers can contact you easily, of course they will be more satisfied. This will certainly make customers more loyal because they know that the products and services you provide will always be reliable.

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3. Learn from feedback


Reconnecting with customers who have already shopped will give you the opportunity to learn. You see, they will provide feedback to you, both in terms of products and services. Well, from here you can broaden your perspective in managing a business.

For example, before getting customer feedback, you didn’t realize that today’s customers tend to want an easy payment process. However, after you hear directly from customers, you can provide an integrated payment solution from Cashlez that accepts a variety of cashless payment options.


4. Increase repeat orders


Through the follow-up process that you do to customers, you can reintroduce your business and what products you provide to customers. And to communicate effectively, be sure to know your customer’s tendencies.

When you can remember customers well, customers will certainly feel appreciated so they can make them decide to repeat orders. This can be started from simple ways such as wishing a happy birthday or giving product suggestions according to customer tastes.

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Business actors should not only focus on reaching potential customers. Because, if they want to expand their business reach, business actors also need to maintain good relations with previous customers. That way, your business reputation will increase.

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