JAKARTA, October 23, 2019
- Easy and safe transactions are highly expected by every consumer. Jayamix by SCG, the first and largest ready-made concrete company in Indonesia, which is a subsidiary of SCG in Indonesia, responded to this need by innovating the transaction process by cooperating with Cashlez, a trusted financial technology company focused on payment in Indonesia. With this collaboration, Jayamix by SCG seeks to improve the experience of consumers when purchasing various concrete products directly in Jabodetabek to become easier, faster, and safer.

Anusorn Potchanabanpot, Country Director of SCG Indonesia, explained, "Jayamix by SCG always prioritizes and improves service for consumers. In accordance with the SCG brand promise, "Passion for Better", collaborates with Cashlez, making it easier for our customers and sales teams. Consumers can feel direct transactions more safely and comfortably anywhere. Our sales team is also more flexible in picking up the ball. Moreover, transactions can be monitored in real time thereby speeding up the process of scheduling concrete deliveries to consumers. Jayamix by SCG is a ready-made concrete company (readymix) that consistently pioneers innovative products and services as we have done previously by presenting products in trusted market places and e-commerce in Indonesia so that they are easily accessible to the public. "

Tan Leny Yonathan, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) Cashlez, stated, "Jayamix by SCG is our business partner in the building material industry. We are glad to have been trusted to be a partner of Jayamix by SCG to provide convenience to transactions aimed at all consumers so they can buy all Jayamix by SCG products with credit cards, debit cards, LinkAja, OVO, GoPay, and Kredivo. With this collaboration, we hope that it will further facilitate the Jayamix by SCG business and especially consumers to benefit from non-cash transactions. "

Cashlez, whose vision is to become the "Ultimate Payment Company in the Region", consistently and persistently continues to realize its mission as "The best partner for banks and non-banks as well as the best integrated business solutions for businesses in all segments in various industries". Currently Cashlez has embraced business people from various segments ranging from the retail industry, fashion, F&B, to tourism and has expanded to major cities in Indonesia, namely Jakarta, Bali, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan, Yogyakarta and Makassar. Jayamix by SCG has also expanded Cashlez’s penetration in the building material industry, specifically concrete.

Jayamix by SCG and Cashlez became a strategic collaboration given that they are a large company in the industry. With the advantages provided, both of them hope to be able to reach more people from various circles to feel the convenience of non-cash transactions in conducting construction.

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