This collaboration between Olsera and Cashlez is expected to increase payment options in your store, making it easier for customers to make card payment transactions. Not only benefits for customers. You merchants can also enjoy the convenience and benefits of developing your business to be even more successful. Let’s find out what benefits you can get.


Supporting Government-Owned Non-Cash Campaigns.

With the rampant campaign of GNNT (National Non-Cash Movement) regarding the use of non-cash payments that have been echoed by the government and Bank Indonesia since 2014, this Integration of Olsera with Cashlez will certainly be evidence to support the campaign. The use of non-cash payment facilities in buying and selling transactions is easier, safer and more efficient than traditional payments using Cash. The use of Cashlez on the OlseraPOS system also shortens your transaction time because you do not need to input the recurring bill nominal to the EDC machine and cash register.


Easier Registration Requirements

Unlike EDC in general, which requires you to apply to the Bank and fulfill the requirements as a business entity, minimum transaction value and other administrative requirements, you don’t need this series if you use Cashlez’s EDC mobile. Enough with your ID card and NPWP you can serve millions of customers using Cashlez non-cash transactions.

Competitive MDR rates

Don’t worry because using Cashlez has a Discount Rate (MDR) Merchant rate that is more competitive than the other banks providing EDC machines.

The MDR rates offered are as follows:


       All Bank Credit Cards: 2%

       Bank Mandiri Debit Card: 0.5%

       BCA Bank Debit Card: 1%

       BNI Bank Debit Card: 1%

       Debit Card issued by other Banks (Visa / Master): 2%


The Cashlez EDC mPOS tool itself can be ordered through Olsera or the Olsera Official Shop on Tokopedia. The connection will be connected via Bluetooth to your gadget. (Please consult with the Olsera team if you also use a Bluetooth printer. For information, not all gadgets have enough Bluetooth versions for multi connections). Get limited promo for Bundle Cashlez Reader Printer and OlseraPOS 1th only: IDR 3,498,000. With just one device, you can print receipts and payments at once.

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