JAKARTA, 12 December 2022 - Payment gateway issuer, PT Cashlez Worldwide Indonesia Tbk (the "Company"), in order to implement the Company’s organic and inorganic growth strategy in accordance with the roadmap going forward, Management has announced the appointment of Mr. Edy Suryanto Sulistyo as the Board of Advisor of the Company.
Mr. Edy Suryanto Sulistyo is known as the founder of Loket.com, E-Event, OW.com, Kamus.net and has founded and designed a number of companies and web products including Komik.com, FilesUpload, DNOrganizer, iConvert, Parking-Hub, CircleMail, and OpenStub. He is also one of Gojek officials who developed GoPlay, the video-on-demand platform within the Gojek Group and advisor to several leading ICOs in Indonesia.
President Director of Cashlez; Mr. Irianto Kusumadjaja explained that the appointment of Mr. Edy Suryanto Sulistyo as the Board of Advisor for the Company’s Management was in order to provide consideration, advice, solutions and even assist when making professional decisions to management. He has the ability and expertise in the field of payment service providers who are willing to work for the Company as a Senior Advisor for the Board of Directors.
The company hopes that with the experience and expertise of Mr. Edy Suryanto Sulistyo in developing start-up companies to become big in Indonesia, they can contribute to the Company’s development strategy in realizing organic and inorganic growth amid competition for payment service providers in Indonesia. In facing very tight competition, there is a need for innovation and product development as well as collaboration with all companies in the national digital payment ecosystem. The company hopes that the creation of an efficient national digital payment ecosystem in Indonesia will make it easier for MSME players in Indonesia to enter the digital ecosystem.
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