Hi, Cashlez Merchant!
As our loyal customer who uses Cashlez, a non-cash payment receipt solution for all your businesses, we currently have a special program, namely "CashlezONE Merchant Gets Merchant" or CashlezONE MGM!

Why do you have to join this program? What are the benefits?

As you know, #JualanJadiGampang and easier with the Cashlez Reader to accept payments with any Credit Card or Debit Card which have the logo of GPN, Visa, MasterCard, JCB, and accept various digital payments such as LinkAja, OVO, GoPay, dan Kredivo.

The requirements are easy! You only need to offer CashlezONE to each partner Merchant who is interested in becoming a Cashlez Merchant & buy CashlezONE. Merchant Cashlez can claim an incentive of IDR 200,000 per Merchant offered.*
Here are the steps to join the CashlezONE MGM program.
1. You’ve been joined as Cashlez Merchant.
2. Register to the CashlezONE Merchant Gets Merchant program, by sending an email request to our team via ask@cashlez.com with the subject "CashlezONEMGM_Request Referral Code" to get a referral code (Example: ESA01).
3. Prospective Cashlez Merchants make the registration process through the Cashlez Application and enter the referral code that you provide.
4. You complete all information, from the registration stage to training the use of units to prospective merchants.
5. After going through the approval and checking process by the Cashlez Support Team, the prospective Merchant successfully becomes a Cashlez Merchant and is required to order CashlezONE directly through the Cashlez Support Team to ask@cashlez.com or WhatsApp 08176907899.
6. Incentives for each successful Merchant worth IDR 200,000 per referral unit sold by informing you of the Merchant payment receipt that you refer and attaching the incentive form to the ask@cashlez.com.
7. The incentive claim process will be sent directly to the Cashlez Merchant account on the 15th of each month based on the submission of the incentive report.

*Terms and Conditions:
- "CashlezONE Merchant Gets Merchant (MGM)" program is valid from 11 October to 31 December 2019 and only applies to Cashlez Merchants.
- Retail prices apply for CashlezONE
- Members can refer prospective partner merchants.
- Cut off every month is valid every 10th, and incentives will be paid every 15th (Not including national holidays).
- Make sure the offered Merchant partners arrive at the successful registration stage (Approval from the Cashlez Team) & do buy CashlezONE.
- To get incentives, the Merchant that you offer is required to make a CashlezONE purchase.

For further information, you can contact Cashlez by WhatsApp (+62)817 6907 899 or email ask@cashlez.com
Cashlez, mPOS and payment solutions for your business, #JualanJadiGampang with Cashlez App.

Warm regards,
Cashlez Team
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