Being on time matters a lot, regardless of who you are. The ability to accomplish your tasks before the deadline will affect how the others trust us. If we start learning about the importance of punctuality, we will realize how a simple way could give significant changes in our daily lives. 


Alvin Tejo, the Product Manager of Cashlez, understands this value very well. When he is going to start the day, he will pen down what he needs to do during the whole day. Then, he will finish his to do list before the work time is over. For him, the capability of doing this can determine the success.


Every day, Alvin tends to create targets for himself and try to finish all of them. There will always be challenges he has to face but those are the most favourite thing he likes about working in Cashlez. When we face difficulties, we can’t learn anything. Therefore the feedback from colleagues is also important. Alvin usually will check the reason why he getting feedback. He will then try to improve himself. 


“In the fast-moving world, we should be able to learn everything quickly. When we are unable to do that, we will be left behind,” said Alvin. As a product manager, he is responsible for guiding the success of a product, so he should work with the cross functional team. In financial technology companies like Cashlez, this organizational role is important to set the strategy, roadmap, and feature definition of a product.


We all have control on our time management. Choosing to be on time is one of the simplest ways to change our career and lives better. In contrast, when we come late, we may feel scattered and stressed. We may also be forced to do extra work as we can’t finish the whole agenda.


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