Now, Cashlez has a new innovation in the form of CashlezONE, an All in One Device that contains FREE Point of Sales (POS) mobile features in addition to accepting various non-cash payments either credit or debit cards (with swipe, dip and tap methods), LinkAja , OVO, GoPay, and Kredivo.


Well, the good news, you can trade in your Cashlez Reader Printer and Non Printer to CashlezONE! *


*Terms and Conditions:


1. Exchange Method

a. Direct Exchange
Merchants can directly visit Cashlez Headquarters at:
Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav. 28, Podomoro City, Central Park, Garden Shopping Arcade B-08 BA, West Jakarta 11470, Indonesia

b. Exchange through shipping services
The Merchant can send the Cashlez Reader Printer and Non Printer to the address of the Cashlez headquarters:

U.P (Esa Elissa)
PT Cashlez Worldwide Indonesia
Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav. 28, Podomoro City, Central Park, Garden Shopping Arcade B-08 BA, West Jakarta 11470, Indonesia

2. General
a. Merchants are required to complete and sign the Minutes of Exchange Add Minutes form when submitting an application provided by Cashlez that can be downloaded here.
b. Every payment unit of Cashlez Reader Printer and Non Printer that will be submitted for trade-in has been completed, including when using the Device Ownership Program (DOP).
c. The trade-in mechanism can be done directly at Cashlez headquarters or indirectly using a delivery service.

3. Program Period and Operating Time

a. The trade-in program only applies to the first 100 units of applications approved from October 14, 2019, and no later than Desember 31, 2019.
b. Acceptance of applications by direct exchange at Cashlez headquarters can be done on weekdays from 10:00 to 17:00 WIB. Requests received above 3:00 p.m. WIB will be processed on the following day.
c. Based on the number of requests that come in the same day, Cashlez has the right at any time to extend the processing time the next day even though the application is received before 3:00 p.m. WIB. The duration of the unit and other inspection process is no later than 2 working days if all complete documents have been received by Cashlez.

4. Unit Shipping Costs
a. For exchanges through shipping services, unit shipping costs must meet the following conditions:
b. The cost of sending the Cashlez Reader Printer and Non Printer unit to the Cashlez headquarters is borne by the Merchant
c. The cost of sending Cashlez One units (if the application is approved) or sending back the Cashlez Reader Printer and Non Printer unit (if the application is refused) to the Merchant’s address will be borne by the Merchant.

5. Prerequisite Conditions and Unit Inspections
a. Cashlez Reader Printer and Non Printer units that will be submitted for trade-in meet the basic conditions prerequisites as follows:
- The keypad unit covers all keystrokes (buttons) functioning properly.
- The screen display is not blank, there are no black spots / areas and there is no "TAMPERED" when the unit screen is active.
- Magnetic stripe card sensors and chips on the unit function properly in card transactions.
- The unit does not make a sound when making a transaction.
- The printer, including the wheels, functions properly when making a transaction.
- Cashlez will check the Cashlez Reader Printer and Non Printer unit according to conditions received from the Merchant (direct trade-in) or through the shipping service, as a whole both physically and functionally, to ensure the unit meets the prerequisites for basic conditions and determines the classification of units based on an assessment of the results of the inspection.
- The condition of the Cashlez Reader Printer and Non Printer unit that has changed due to the shipping process (when using a shipping service) is not the responsibility of Cashlez.
- Unit inspection results and classifications determined based on checks by Cashlez are in absolute force and cannot be contested. All unit checks are conducted by an experienced Cashlez team that always puts the value of openness.

6. Invoicing and Payment of Exchange Rates
a. For every application approved, Cashlez will issue a Performance Invoice and BuyBack documents based on the results of the inspection which will be sent via email or given directly to the Merchant. The Merchant is obliged to send back the BuyBack documents that have been signed together with proof of payment of the added exchange fee.
b. Payment of trade-in fees can be done through the following mechanism:
- Non-cash payments through payment instruments provided by Cashlez. Specifically for payments using the Mandiri Credit Card installment, Merchants will be charged an installment fee (3% for 3 months, 6% for 6 months, and 7% for 12 months).
- Payment via bank transfer to BCA account no. 6450772222 or Mandiri Bank account no. 1450012291171, both on behalf of PT Cashlez Worldwide Indonesia.

For more information, please contact Cashlez via WhatsApp (+62) 817 6907 899 or email

#JualanJadiGampang with CashlezONE!
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