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Cashlez, a financial technology company that delivers value propositions for merchants, and mobile payment users. Cashlez helps Merchants to simplify and aggregate various non-cash payment methods.
The feature from Cashlez to manage your sales and transaction for your small and efficient scale of business. It is a cloud-based POS systems that available for multi platform and operating system.
1. Registration
Register by downloading the Cashlez application first on Google Play (Android) & App Store (iOS), select the list menu in the Cashlez application.
2. Fill Application Form
You must enter personal data correctly and correctly, prepare KTP and NPWP to complete the document.
3. Submission Notification
Your Cashlez ID will be processed for 3 working days. You will get a notification about your submission being accepted or rejected by our system.
Kedjora Coffee customers can conveniently get a variety of delicious drinks! They just have to choose whether they want to pay using a credit/debit card, scan QR, online payment, to a virtual account, all available with only one CashlezONE device.
— Ivan Gunawan (Owner of Kedjora Coffee)
By using CashlezONE, I can accept various non-cash payment options from customers, from debit/credit cards, OVO, GoPay, to ShopeePay. In addition, Cashlez also provides non-face-to-face transaction options such as Virtual Accounts and Online Card Payments.
— Michimomo (Owner of Bamsae)
With the Cashlez App, I just need to input all the types of scarves and it will automatically be captured if there is a purchase. Buyers also just choose to pay using a credit / debit card OVO, Gopay, LinkAja, until Kredivo is also not a problem. It’s so simple!
— Enno Lerian (Owner of Luma Scarf)
Besides equipped with the Point of Sales mobile application, CashlezONE also accepts transactions using various credit/debit cards, digital payments, QRIS and many more. As a Cashlez Merchant, you can also check sales reports in real time anytime and anywhere.
— Risty Tagor (Owner of Ristyland)
I realized how easy it would be for customers if they could buy a product without having to think about the payment method. That’s why I entrust Cashlez to increase the purchasing power of Woodka. Customers don’t have to waste time because there is an integrated business solution from Cashlez.
— Trianita Adhi (Founder of Woodka)
Cashlez’s online card payment feature really helps us to transact online using various cards. So, after Shafira’s customers choose products such as scarves, blouses, dresses, or worship equipment, we just need to send a payment link via instant messaging.
— Dede (Store Manager of Shafira Cikajang)
Besides being user friendly, Cashlez also provides access to a sales report dashboard that makes it easier for merchants to evaluate sales. Our customers can also choose various payment features, ranging from credit/debit card payment features, digital payments, online card payments, to virtual accounts.
— Bukhari (Owner of Bittersweet by Najla Jogja)
Thanks to the integrated payment system from Cashlez, customers can choose whatever type of transaction they want. If I don’t have time to visit the showroom, I can still monitor all transactions through access to recorded sales reports in real time.
— Ineu (Field Operation Head of Honda Sonic Bandung)
In the past, I often had difficulty receiving non-cash payments from customers. Fortunately, Cashlez accepts payments using debit/credit cards bearing the VISA, Master Card, GPN, and JCB logos. So no need to look for change!
— Yanie (Owner of Yanies Cookies)
Selling online using the Cashlez Link feature allows me to accept QRIS, OVO, or VA Permata payments. When I join the bazaar, I also rely on Cashlez Reader Non Printer which can accept various credit/debit cards.
— Norma (Owner of HaloKamu)
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