Foods that are trends can be one of the opportunities to open a culinary business. Moreover, these hits have their own characteristics, ranging from the way they are served, to the unique blend of flavors. Usually, information about the culinary hits is shared through social media so that it can be accessed by a broad audience. Want to know what types of culinary are being hits and can you make business opportunities? Here are the reviews!


  1. Mentai Rice

Lately, many foreign specialties have become a trend, one of which is mentai rice which is popular among Japanese food lovers. Nowadays, mentai rice is usually created using a variety of food ingredients, ranging from kani, salmon, chicken karage, to beef. Besides being combined with rice, this unique mentai sauce can also be combined using shirataki which has a low fat content.


  1. Donut Bomboloni

Different from donuts in general, Italian-style donuts do not have a hole in the middle. However, Bombolini donuts have a filling that is generally in the form of jam or custard cream filling. In addition, the surface of this donut is also sprinkled with special sowing sugar to enrich the taste. If you are interested in trying the Bombolini donut business, you can provide a number of variants of hits, for example fillings tiramisu, green tea, and chocolate.


     3. Taichan Satay

Satay which is generally well-known as an archipelago food is a typical Madura satay which is equipped with peanut sauce. Now, in addition to peanut spice satay, culinary lovers can now also enjoy taichan satay using salt and lime as the main seasoning. To serve this satay, you also need to make spicy sauce and rice cake.


     4. Martabak

Martabak is indeed a food that is already familiar to us. But today, many business people modify martabak, for example mini martabak, thin martabak, and martabak with various toppings today. Some of them are like red velvet, green tea, and choco crumble .


  1. Aci Meatballs

Bandung culinary lovers are certainly familiar with this one snack. Yup, aci meatballs have become one of the popular culinary today, especially among the younger generation. Other hits such as culinary, You can also make creation aci meatballs are you selling, for example, by providing varying levels of spiciness and a variety of additional toppings.


       6. Geprek Chicken

As one of the foods that are often used as lunch, geprek chicken is usually served together with sambal and rice. You can sell geprek chicken with chili sauce that has different spiciness levels, such as not spicy, medium, and very spicy. In addition, you can also offer a variety of other chili sauce options, including green chili sauce and chili matah sauce.


  1. Steamed Bread

This traditional snack is now also a hits food that can be combined with various toppings, ranging from chocolate, cheese, blueberries, to srikaya. To open a steamed buns business, you can present two main bread variants, namely the original variant and the pandan variant because these two variants are the most sought after variants.


  1. Korean Garlic Cheese Bread

This round-shaped bread with the taste of garlic and cream cheese has recently become a trend in Indonesia. In general, snacks from South Korea you can tag with a price of 20,000 to 50,000 rupiah depending on the type of material you use. And for those of you who are just starting to run this business, try to use the pre order system first.


  1. Fried Sempol

Sempol is a snack made from flour and mashed chicken meat. Generally, these snacks are often found in schools because it is very popular with children. To serve the sempol, you only need to dip it in and fry it with a deep fried technique. Serve also with spicy seasoning or other seasonings to enrich the taste.


  1. Egg Cheese Tart

The hits that are sought after by cheese lovers originally came from a cake shop in Japan, namely in Hokkaido. Eventually, egg cheese tarts became popular in various countries in the world, including in Indonesia. Egg cheese tart can be sold in large portions, or small portions as a snack that is suitable to be eaten together with coffee or tea.


Various types of food hits that emerge can be a promising new business opportunity. In addition to looking for culinary business ideas, make sure you also provide Cashlez as a business solution today that provides various types of non-cash payments and access sales reports in real time.


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