What can you do to grow your business? In fact, you don’t only need to focus on sales perfomance. You also need to pay attention to other thing, namely building community. Community presence can bridge the relationship between you and the customer. When you want to build community effectively, be sure to do the following 10 things!


  1. Understand who your target audience is

Before you start to form a community, you need to do some research first to find out which platforms your audience usually uses. After that, then you can determine, which social media platforms you need to prioritize and is related to the target demographic audience.


  1. Make interesting content

Campaigns through social media will be successful if you can produce interesting content. Therefore, when you want to create content for the community, you need to prepare content that is suitable for your audience. For example, such as content that provides solutions to problems, explains the steps to do something, as well as content that is entertaining and informative.


  1. Close to customers

To build a sustainable community, you need to interact and listen to customer opinions. Social media is the right platform for you and customers to exchange feedback about products and services. Suggestions from customers will certainly help you to improve the quality of products and services.


  1. Make a narration

Compared to direct delivery, customers more easily understand the brand through the story. Make the story interesting so it can be easily remembered. Moreover, reported from Citeninja. com , research conducted by Harvard Business Review shows that listening to positive stories can produce the hormone oxytocin which makes us feel better. This story you create arouses audience empathy which will certainly have a positive impact on the community.


  1. Hold competitions and games

A community need not always be related to serious things. You also need to make fun in order to connect the community members and also entertain so that the number audience who join the community will also increase. Hold interesting games that will motivate community members to participate.


  1. Hold a particular event

When you want to make your community on social media grow, you need to open yourself up, for example by holding certain events. One of them is the launch of new products or services, talk shows , and meet and greet . You can do this program virtually considering we are still entering the New Normal period .


  1. Use the services of other parties

Building a self-managed business is not easy. Sometimes, you will also need help from other parties, such as using the services of influencers who will introduce your brand to their followers .


  1. Word of mouth promotion

What if you need to offer a product that is not well known? Of course, the most effective thing you can do is through the recommendations of those closest to you. Because regardless of how active you are on the online platform, you still need positive reviews .


  1. Focus on offering solutions

When you want to build trust in the customer community, you need to be a solution for them. Through the content that you create, you can help the audience to solve certain problems that they often experience. Create a customer friendly community that is always available when members need it.


  1. Be transparent and honest

A community is built from trust and trust can be built through honesty and transparency. Both of these will help you to maintain your business reputation, even if your business is having a hard time.


Building a community is very effective in introducing your product brand to the public. Let’s  start building your own community and make the community an opportunity to share experiences!


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