In the past, most of us might think that farming is only appropriate for mountainous terrain. The reason is, this area has a cooler climate and is not as dense as urban areas. However, at present, the urban community was also able to tablets running urban farming potential business opportunities, one of which is using hydroponic techniques. So, which types of hydroponics promise to sell? Here are the answers!


  1. Lettuce

Lettuce is one type of plant that is well-known among hydroponic farmers. This is because lettuce can grow quickly. Not only that, how to treat it is also relatively simple. Therefore, this type of plant is very suitable for hydroponic plant entrepreneurs who are still beginners.


  1. Cucumber

As we know, cucumbers are included in one type of vegetable that can be used for various cooking purposes. Therefore, cucumbers are also often cultivated hydroponically. However, keep in mind that cucumbers need extra care because this plant must be in warm temperatures. So, make sure the cucumber plants that you have get enough lighting.


  1. Spinach

Spinach can flourish if you use the planting medium in the form of water. Therefore, planting spinach hydroponically is recommended. You also don’t need to take extra care of it because this plant doesn’t need much light or heat to grow.


  1. Tomatoes

Like cucumbers, tomatoes also need bright lighting. In addition, tomato plants also require a lot of water. So, if you don’t have enough lighting to grow tomatoes hydroponically, you can use a light to illuminate plants.

  1. Carrots

If you are an experienced hydroponic farmer, you can try to plant carrots. Cultivating these plants hydroponically requires special expertise. The reason, carrots have many roots that spread quickly and can absorb large amounts of water.


  1. Chili

Growing chilies hydroponically is one of the easy business options. This is because chili does not require intensive care. The important thing is, you use good seeds, do the right seeding, and provide nutrition for plants.


  1. Water spinach

In addition to chili, water spinach is also one of the types of plants that can be easily cultivated using hydroponic techniques. You just need to prepare enough nutrients so that spinach grows well and can be harvested quickly.


  1. Green Mustard

Green mustard is a promising business potential because this plant can grow anywhere and can be cultivated throughout the year. In fact, hydroponic cultivation is also easier tablets as compared with conventional cultivation.


  1. Broccoli

These beneficial vegetables are usually planted in the highlands. However, thanks to the hydroponic cultivation technique, broccoli can also be planted on low land. In addition, you also need to ensure the adequacy of nutrients in this plant.


  1. Beans

There are two types of beans that you can plant using hydroponic techniques, which are short and long. When you want to cultivate short beans in a hydroponic way, you need wood that functions as a holder so that these plants can grow efficiently.


Hydroponic plants are not only one of the agricultural solutions in urban areas, but also a promising business opportunity. If you are, which type of hydroponic plants are you interested in?

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