Lately, you must have heard a lot about environmental issues. Moreover, many of the impacts of climate change are currently being felt in various parts of the world. To reduce this impact, we as humans need to take real action so that the environment is maintained.


Usually, efforts to carry out environmentally friendly activities will be easier if you start from your own home. Meanwhile, what about business activities that of course involve not only you as a business actor, but also staff, vendors, and customers? Of course, there are solutions, such as the following 10 simple ways that you can apply!


1. Use eco-friendly items

Start a sustainable business step with simple things, namely through the use of environmentally friendly goods. So, whether you manufacture the products you sell yourself or buy them from vendors, make sure the products are made based on sustainable business principles.


2. Avoid excessive packing

Packaging is one of the most waste generated from the business sector. To solve this problem, you can offer customers to use reusable packaging. That way, we can all try to reduce the waste generated from product packaging.


3. Avoid using products that damage the environment

As we know, there are products that cannot be made in an environmentally friendly manner. For that, you are selective so you can avoid using products that have the potential to pollute the environment.


4. Reduce paper usage

This one step is of course very easy and can be done by any type of business, right? So, when transacting, you only need to use the Cashlez Application which provides various payment options, such as Virtual Accounts, online payments, and QRIS. After that, you can send proof of transaction (e-receipt) directly to the customer.


5. Use energy wisely

Not a few places of business or companies that have a lot of electronic goods, ranging from computers, laptops, photocopiers, to air conditioners. Well, implementing a sustainable business can start from changing your habits and your team to use energy wisely.


6. Maximize natural lighting

As much as possible, use natural lighting by opening curtains and windows. In addition, also use bright colored wall paint so that light can be directly reflected into the room. So, you can minimize the use of light from electricity.


7. Use a laptop instead of a computer

Compared to computers, laptops require less energy. So, when you and your team use a laptop, not only operational costs can be reduced, but the environment in which we live also feels the impact because we can reduce the use of resources.


8. Manage items that are no longer used

Perhaps, you currently have some equipment or items at your place of business that you no longer use. However, make sure not to just throw it away. Try to see the condition of the item, if it can still be used, why not donate it to people around who need it?


9. Involve your staff

Basically, you can’t create a sustainable business without the contributions of team members. So, start to instill awareness of the importance of protecting the environment in staff.


10. Make a contribution to the environment

Who says business actors can’t go directly to preserving the environment? You can hold campaigns to support environmental conservation, such as by raising funds from customers when they are transacting.


It is our duty as humans to preserve the earth where we live. And of course, your business can be one of your opportunities to support efforts to run a sustainable business!

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