Like product quality, service quality plays an important role for business. If you have superior products but don’t make customers feel satisfied, then you can lose customers. To anticipate this, every business owner needs after-sales services that can increase customer satisfaction. The following contains an overview of the skills you need to provide after-sales service.


1. Attentiveness


Do you know what are the main things to pay attention to when providing after-sales service? Of course, you have to understand what the customer needs. For that, you need to be a good listener and pay attention to them. It could be, customers do not immediately mention what they need. But if you pay attention to their explanations, then you can find out what you can help with.

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 2. Clear communication


As one of the most important aspects of building relationships with customers, you need to train your communication skills consistently. Even though it looks simple, clear communication skills will help you to explain things to customers more easily. Not only that, you can minimize the risk of miscommunication which can cause misunderstandings between businesses and buyers.


3. Creativity


Who says after-sales service doesn’t require creativity? Of course, your creativity is very important to provide after-sales services that meet customer expectations. Not only that, the creativity that you present can also make customers more entertained and satisfied with your brand.

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4. Product knowledge


An expertise that you also shouldn’t miss to provide after-sales service is product knowledge. Remember, it’s not only potential customers who ask questions about your business products and services. People who have already made a purchase can ask questions about the product if they are confused. So, make sure to understand the details of the product you offer!


5. Time management


When you provide services to customers who have already shopped, make sure to manage your time efficiently. Don’t let your customers wait too long for the solution or answers they are looking for. When you can serve customers quickly and efficiently, your business will also get a good reputation.

6. Goal-oriented


Just like when you make sales, you also need to set goals for your after-sales service strategy. For example, the after-sales service that you provide aims to help customers use the products that you sell optimally. Apart from that, you can also make a goal of expanding your sales reach through customer referrals.


7. Convincing customers


From time to time, you may get opportunities from customers to make your business grow. Don’t waste this opportunity! Make sure you actually give customers a clear explanation that your brand is the brand they are looking to work with.


8. Writing


Perhaps, you are wondering why after-sales service requires good writing skills. Of course, the two are closely related because after-sales services such as customer service require you to communicate through various media, one of which is via e-mail and instant messaging. If you don’t have good writing skills, it will be difficult for your customers to understand what you mean.


9. Patience


If you want to present a professional service, then make sure to always face customers patiently. Maybe, when your customers feel confused, they will look panicked. However, you must remain calm and explain briefly so they can understand what conditions they are facing and what solutions they need to make.


10. Problem Solving


Customers who contact you are not always able to understand the problems they face. Therefore, you need to first find out what problems they are actually facing. From there you can consider what solutions can be provided to customers.


Through after-sales service, you can find out what kind of customer feedback is on the products and services you provide. Of course, the quality of the after-sales service you provide also plays an important role in enhancing your business reputation. So that you can provide this service to the fullest, let’s improve the skills related to after-sales service!
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