Establishing a community is an effective way to build interactions between you and your customers. In that community, there are various things you can do, for example, like listening to customer feedback, discussing with customers, and holding certain events that are in accordance with customer interests. Therefore, you also need to manage the business community appropriately. Avoid 10 things that can hinder the progress of the following community.


  1. Interact massively

One of the mistakes most often made by community managers is to think that they can interact massively. Yet as we know, a community is formed from customers. Therefore, every interaction that you do with them is also important. Interact personally so you can understand each member of the community.


  1. Don’t show professionalism

A good community manager will care about the community he runs. However, it is important for him to remember that he must also remain professional. It is your duty to increase brand awareness , however, it does not mean you can reject customer feedback or criticism.


  1. Ignoring personal feedback

The problems that you experience in doing business must be resolved immediately before they have a greater impact. In other words, you also need to personally handle the feedback from every customer. Be a proactive business actor and make community members feel comfortable and cared for by community managers.


  1. Manage the community without interacting

"Hello, customer. We are glad you can join us in this community. " That sentence naturally tends to resemble the automatic chat feature. This may look simple, but it can’t drive community members to start interact. But in order for your community to grow, of course interaction between members is needed.


  1. Not flexible

When interacting with customers in the community you founded, you might need guidance. However, do not let these guidelines make you communicate rigidly. You have to keep adjusting the way you interact with each customer. Use a relaxed language style so that customers can feel comfortable.


  1. Do not approach based on audience categories

You can’t use the same method in different situations. The way you interact with community members during an event will certainly be different from the way you interact on social media. Use a different approach, based on the type of audience so that the content you create is appropriate.


  1. Focus on quantity, not on quality

What kind of community is developing? Some of us might assume that the success of a community will depend on the number of its members. In fact, popularity in a community is not the main determinant. Instead, you need to focus on the quality of the community and how each member who joins can benefit.


  1. Reactive to negative feedback

Nobody wants to receive negative feedback. But sometimes, as community managers, we are expected to be in situations like this. Feeling disappointed is natural, but don’t let your emotions get carried away and give an unprofessional response.


  1. Not paying attention to the process

You may feel that the community you are building is developing, interacting, and in the right direction. However, how to prove this? Without regard to the growth of the community, the response of community members, as well as the interactions that are in it, of course you will not know the development of your community.


  1. Trying to do too much

Many community managers have other activities besides focusing on the community. This can make it difficult for you to manage the community optimally. In fact, you need to address the right strategy so that your long-term goals can be achieved.


A community plays a large role in the progress of your business, for example, such as building customer trust and increasing brand awareness. Not only that, the interaction that you wake up in the community can also help members cope with their daily problems!

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