When you run a business, you certainly need a platform that helps you sell, such as promoting products and connecting with customers. Well, one of the popular platforms that you can use to interact with customers while optimizing your business is WhatsApp for Business.

Usually, business people will have their number or WhatsApp Business on their e-commerce social media. Moreover, as reported by infocomputer.grid.id, there are around 140 million Indonesians who use WhatsApp. Meanwhile, worldwide, the number of chat application users has reached 2 billion.


How Does WhatsApp Business Help You Promote?

Due to the large number of active users, every day the number of messages sent via WhatsApp can reach 100 billion! So, this platform can be the right choice so that you can attract the attention of customers.


Do These 10 Things to Optimize Your WhatsApp Business!

Well, when you are already using WhatsApp Business, you also need to understand how to optimize it. Let’s take a look at the following 10 points!

1.Use WhatsApp Business API

In addition to using WhatsApp Business on a Smartphone, you also need to maximize the use of this application with the WhatsApp Business API aka Application Programming Interface which will act as a chatbot to make it easier for users. Through the WhatsApp Business API, you can serve customers professionally.

2. Using WhatsApp Web

As we know, WhatsApp is a mobile application that can be used on our smartphones. However, apart from that, you can also use WhatsApp Web to make it easier to access via the PC you are using. To connect your WhatsApp to WhatsApp Web, you simply scan the QR code on WhatsApp Web through the scanner in your WhatsApp application.

3. Share your business link

By now, you already have your own WhatsApp Business number. So, the next thing to do is share your business profile with people around you. When there is a purchase, you can directly serve the customer and send a payment link from the Cashlez Link via WhatsApp.

4. Promote business via WhatsApp

In addition to presenting chat and calling features, WhatsApp also makes it easier for business actors to send information about business, such as promotions or new product launches. You simply use the “Broadcast” feature to send messages to all subscribers. Not only that, you can also post product photos and price and promotional information through the “Status” feature.

5. increased customer loyalty

Through WhatsApp Groups, you can increase customer loyalty. You see, this feature provides space for you and your customers to be creative and provide feedback. And, in that group, you can also provide updated information about promos. Moreover, there are push notifications that will help you to get customers.

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6. Share interesting content

Before you use WhatsApp intensely, of course you already understand that messages sent via WhatsApp, such as through broadcasts, are not always accurate. As a result, some WhatsApp users choose not to open messages if the message comes from an unknown number. Therefore, make sure you consider carefully the content that you will share with them.

7. Understand your audience

Well, this one thing is often overlooked by business people because it only focuses on offering products. So, when you want to attract the attention of customers, you must of course compose the right message, according to your target customer. If your writing style doesn’t suit your audience, you won’t get high engagement.

8. Share your WhatsApp number on other platforms

Include your WhatsApp Business number on your website, social media, and product packaging so that customers can easily find your contacts. That way, you have built a connection with your customers.

9. Don’t just focus on your own business

Maybe you often discuss about your business when interacting with customers via WhatsApp? Remember, when interacting you must also focus on the customer. You also need to pay attention to concerns, such as asking customers how they are doing or talking about other interesting topics.

10. Optimize for customer service

WhatsApp Business basically has the potential to be used as a Customer Service contact. Through this platform, you and customers who need help can connect quickly. As a result, your business reputation will increase.


Through its additional features, WhatsApp Business makes it easier for you to make your business smoother. So, have you switched to using WhatsApp Business?


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