Consumer behavior has changed significantly since the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in various countries. Reporting from, Roy Mandey who is the chairman of the Indonesian Retailers Association (Aprindo) states that changes in consumer behavior will have a direct impact on retail businesses so that retailers at large scale then start using third party services to support the provision of their delivery services. . Meanwhile, retailers operating on a smaller scale tend to work with expedition operators who are usually intermediaries between consumers and online businesses. Roy also added that during the Corona Virus Pandemic, product distribution online, precisely through the application, also increased. Even so, there are still many customers who choose to shop online so they can ensure that the quality of the product is guaranteed.

Preparation of retailers in the New Normal era
Changes in consumer behavior that occurred due to the Covid-19 pandemic in fact not only occurred during the crisis, but also when the level of the spread of the virus is already in the number R0 and the community was ready to enter the era referred to as "New Normal." Now, when it has entered this era, there are several customer priorities that retail businesses must know so that they can ensure safety and comfort for both customers and business owners. Come see the following explanation!

1. Search for products virtually
Even though shops have reopened, the Covid-19 pandemic has an impact on increasing virtual activity, whether in the form of meetings, teaching and learning activities, sports, to dating. Well, the buying and selling activity is inseparable from this phenomenon. Retail shops may reopen, however, businesses must continue to prepare informative and attractive websites. This is because customers will tend to pick and choose products through information that they get online. So, make sure customers can access all detailed product information, from availability, color, to size. In fact, there are also tables of businesses that use features to try goods virtually. Reporting from, a businessman from the United States, namely Warby Parker uses this feature so that customers who access their website can try a variety of glasses virtually.

2. Loyal to the brand that is sensitive to the situation
Entering the New Normal era, business people will start looking for business brands that respond quickly to the Covid-19 pandemic. Because this indicates that the brand is not only concerned with the success of their business, but also concerned with the health and safety of everyone. Not surprisingly, businesses that can implement health and safety protocols will also increase customer confidence and make customers being triggered to shop at their stores. One simple example is putting up a campaign to support people staying at home during the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, the sensitivity of a brand to the situation can also be seen through the application of hygiene in their stores.

3. Make decisions based on mutual interests
Covid-19 pandemic has made many people accustomed to think to prioritize the common interests, not only the interests of a handful of parties. This is because we experience the same problem, regardless of our country of origin. For example, things experienced by residents in Italy, South Korea, and Malaysia are also experienced by residents in Indonesia. This is the reason that makes people more sensitive to where the products they buy come from. Therefore, retail businesses should also provide information about the origin of raw materials and the products they offer. This information will help the community to increase awareness that we as individuals are interconnected with one another. When we can have a positive influence, that influence will be beneficial to other parties, not just for us.

To face the New Normal era, businesses do not just need to increase awareness of cleanliness. Because in this era, businesses must also ensure that customers can shop comfortably.


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