Moment before Eid Mubarak is a great opportunity for business owners to increase their sales of various types of products they sell. If you are an entrepreneur, of course you also need to understand strategies to promote your product to be attractive to potential customers. Some of them by offering large discounts, making promo prizes for customers, and offering products at the lowest prices. In addition, some business sectors also often provide free shopping vouchers to loyal customers.


In fact, the promotion of massive discounts has indeed become one of the most effective tricks to attract the attention of many customers. Especially if businesses can implement appropriate marketing strategies. Of course, this strategy can produce success in the sales process. However, not all business actors can implement large-scale promotions. Well, if you want to know a solution for effective promotion, follow the tips below!


  1. Prioritize satisfaction for customers

As we know, businesses compete with each other to increase customer satisfaction, especially before special moments such as Eid. Examples include business people in the automotive sector who provide free vehicle services for their customers. This can also be seen in other types of businesses such as telecommunications companies and banking companies that provide special Eid programs that can be followed by customers as a form of gratitude for customer loyalty.


Now, to make your customers feel satisfied, you can also do simple things that can be a form of appreciation for customers. For example, by giving syrup and cakes to those who have become your loyal customers. Or, you can also hold programs such as lucky draw with prizes in the form of attractive products and they can participate if they have made a certain amount of purchases.


  1. Provide the things that the customer needs

In fact, ahead of Eid, the sales will usually increase. Therefore, you need to take advantage of this opportunity to increase your business sales turnover. One simple way is to provide a variety of products that customers need ahead of Eid, for example, such as cleaning services or pre-order parcel Eid. In addition, you can also provide design and printing services for Eid Mubarak greeting cards that customers can send to their closest people.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, people were unable to visit their relatives. This makes sending parcels an effective way to stay in touch with one another. While from the clothing business sector, you can also take the opportunity to offer a variety of Muslim clothing and worship equipment that will be worn by customers on Eid al-Fitr.


  1. Offer attractive promotions

A promotion will succeed if it matches what the customer is looking for. Therefore, you also need to provide attractive offers for customers. For example, by implementing the program buy 1 get 1 free for certain products. In addition, you can also conduct a warehouse cleaning program to sell products that are no longer manufactured or re-ordered. In addition to attracting customers because of the affordable prices, the warehouse cleaning program also helps you to spend products that have not been successfully sold for a long time.


A promotion can be an option to trigger potential customers to make a purchase. Among the three ways of promotion before Eid Mubarak earlier, which method of promotion is the most effective in your opinion?


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