Various countries have eased restrictions on the transmission of the Covid-19 virus. This makes many business actors need to prepare themselves to open during the new normal period. Of course, businesses are required to provide clean and safe business premises for customers and all staff. So, what things do you need to do to keep your business place safe? Let’t see the following review!


  1. Create a policy related to prevention of Covid-19 virus transmission

As a leader, you are obliged to provide policies at the store. The policy aims to ensure the safety and comfort of customers and staff. For example, according to the health protocol, you require checking your body temperature and wearing masks on all visitors. In addition, you also need to implement policies related to health protocols for all staff. For example, staff are required to use face shields and wash hands regularly.


Policies related to this health protocol can be adjusted to the policies of the government. That way, you have opened the shop in accordance with established safety standards. Before implementing the policy, make sure staff also understand what is and is not allowed to do when implementing new normal.


  1. Ask your partner to help ensure the policy is done accordingly

Even though you can determine policies related to health protocols in your place of business, you still need the help of others to ensure that the policies are working properly. Give an understanding of the policies that you apply so that they can be relied upon in implementing hygienity and safety. Having trained staff also helps you if you are not someone who can come in every day and monitor developments in the shop.


Keep in mind that in addition to implementing health protocols such as providing a means of washing hands and checking body temperature, you still have other business needs. So, you can also authorize one of your staff to propose changes to the health protocol policy if needed. Remember that, these changes have been communicated with you to avoid misunderstanding.


  1. Communicate consistently, both with customers and with staff

The application of the health protocol is indeed your authority as a business actor. However, for the protocol to be effectively implemented, you need to inform staff and customers. This information is not only displayed through print media such as posters and banners as well, but also online, such as through your store’s social media. Communication on the use of masks and regular hand washing should be done regularly, for example every store is opened and when there are customers who do not wear masks properly.


So, what if this communication is even boring because it’s constantly being repeated? Of course, you can anticipate using different communication methods, for example through health protocol video on social media. In addition, you can also conduct online activities for customers, such as photo competition about new normal. This trick will help you to increase brand awareness. In addition, you will also be assessed as a professional business actor because it prioritizes customer safety.


It is essential for businesses to implement health bottles so that visitors and staff can avoid the risk of Covid-19 transmission. Have you required the use of masks at your store?



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