As one of the agrarian countries, Indonesia has abundant natural wealth. Hence, there is the phrase "gemah ripah loh jinawi" which means peace and prosperity and fertile land. Moreover, Indonesia also has a strategic position because it is located in the tropics and surrounded by various types of plants. This natural wealth can certainly be an opportunity for businesses to drive the wheels of the economy in Indonesia. Today, business in the agricultural sector is one of the promising businesses. Following are 4 agricultural business opportunities that generate abundant profits.

1. Organic Food
Technological advances have made changes in people’s lifestyles such as the need to maintain health. Therefore, in addition to many food ingredients, ranging from rice, fruit, to vegetables of organic quality. Different from ordinary agriculture, organic food farmers no longer use fertilizers that contain chemicals. This is what makes organic food quality superior and good for health. Aside from being healthy, you don’t need a large amount of land because you can manage it using hydroponic technology, which is planting vertically. In terms of profit, this business opportunity is arguably very potential because your products are sought after by various sectors, from supermarkets to exporters.

2. Ornamental Plants
In addition to running a farming business in the food sector, ornamental plant cultivation can also be an option. Moreover, you also live in Indonesia, which is classified as a tropical country with various types of plants. Perhaps, most of us will think that the ornamental plant business is less profitable because it is only in demand by plant lovers. However, in fact, this business will provide promising benefits because many people want to make their homes look beautiful. It’s not just the house owners who are interested in this plant because you can also get orders from government staff to build city planning, government buildings, and public facilities.

3. Selling Plant Seeds
One of the problems that occur in the agricultural industry is crop failure due to the use of seeds that are not qualified. From here, you can create business opportunities, namely by providing superior quality agricultural seeds. You can offer a variety of plant seeds and a variety of horticultural seeds, ranging from fruticulture, floraculture, landscaping, oleculture, to biopharmaceuticals. Even if you don’t study agriculture, it doesn’t mean you can’t manage superior seeds. Importantly, you want to learn and apply appropriate nursery methods so that the seeds are of high quality and are not susceptible to pests. This one business not only targets small-scale farmers, but the agricultural industry will also need it.

4. Modern Agriculture Products and Services
In fact, not all farmers can develop business and manage it well. Therefore, they need special consultation in order to solve the problems they are facing. So, if you have a lot of knowledge and experience around the world of agriculture, do not hesitate to offer your services to farmers in need. Now, thanks to the sophistication of technology, you can share your knowledge through blogs or specialized websites. At the same time, try to sell products related to agriculture, such as fertilizers or agricultural equipment.

Now, of course you understand better how big is the business potential in the agrarian sector? So, dare yourself to open your own farming business and use Cashlez as #YourPartnerForever to help you manage your business while receiving payments.
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