The government and Indonesian people have prepared themselves to start the era after the Covid-19 pandemic, the New Normal era. At this time, people will return to their routines, but they must keep practicing the health protocol established by the government. The application of the New Normal to one is one of the strategies implemented as long as the Corona vaccine has not been discovered yet. Hence, protocols determined by the government that are agreed to be approved, spread the virus. Some people like the number of people who are gathering in a place, wear masks while in public places, and do temperature checks at the entrances of office buildings, expenditure centers, and schools.

Changing lifestyle in the New Normal era
We certainly still remember the challenges carried out by parties since March, complications of the number of positive patients from Covid-19 increased. Since then, we have begun to make new habits, starting from doing activities from home, caring for cleanliness, washing hands, providing hand sanitizers, and buying through online platforms. Apparently, these habits do not only apply during the pandemic. Although there is already some restriction easing for outside activities, there are some things that will change in the new normal era. For business industry, this change can be seen through the following 4 things.

1. Wiser financial management
Covid-19 pandemic not only affects public health, but also the global economy. There are some businessed that are needed to be closed for a while or have to get much lower income than usual. But learning from experience in times of crisis, these days’ business owners will try to get wise to manage finances. The income earned is not only used for personal purposes, it is needed to be kept as an emergency fund.

2. Utilize shipping services
Although public places such as schools and offices are open, special protocols are still needed. Therefore, business risk cannot expect the situation to return to normal before the pandemic appeared. Not all customers want to come directly to stores, restaurants or cafes. Some of them choose to use a delivery service. Simply through the application, website, or store telephone number, buyers can order the desired products. And after making a payment, the product can be directly delivered to the destination address.

3. Providing non-cash payment services
One way to reduce the risk of spreading the virus is to minimize direct contact. Therefore, try to rely on payment technology in order to contact contacts between customers and cashier guards. Now, businesses can use the Cashlez Application, because this application provides the QuickShare feature. Simply send the QR code to the customer via WhatsApp and the customer can make payments through the e-wallet or m-banking application they use.

4. Keep applying social distance
Because no vaccine has been found to fight the Corona virus yet, people must stay keeping their distance from each other. This is also done in stores, for example with the number of visitors who can enter the store or provide a barrier and distance between one customer and another. So, activities at stores can be continued in accordance with health protocol guidelines from the government.

Changes made to businesses in the New Normal era are efforts to improve business carried out by taking into account the maximum security of each staff and visitor.

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