We have been through 2019 and now, we are already in 2020. At the beginning of the year, of course we need to start with good things, including business matters. Reporting from inews.com , here are 4 surefire tips that can be used to improve your business.


1. Learn from your past

Being in the shadows of the past is not the right thing to do. However, this does not mean you need to forget your past. Instead, you can use it as a lesson to run your business today. From your experience, you will get various inspirations to increase sales, expand your target market, and make promotions even more interesting.


2. Determine the marketing strategy

To run a better business, you need to determine in advance, what you want to achieve and how you can achieve it. From this you can determine, what strategies you can use so that your business runs more smoothly. In addition, you also need to fully implement the strategies you have chosen because each strategy will give different results.


3. Apply the target for 90 days

When you succeed in creating a business target within one year, it is certainly long. Therefore, you and your team members also need targets in the short term, for example focusing on things you want to achieve in 90 days. This method will help you to anticipate business trends that can change at any time. Don’t forget to also discuss this short term target with the team that you are involved with. 


4. What do you want to achieve?

You who want to start early in the year well need to have clear goals so you can know what you can do to improve your business. This can be likened to your plan to go on vacation. Of course, you have determined in advance which tourist destinations you want to visit and with what vehicles you will go there.


In addition to personal matters, the resolution for the new year 2020 can also involve what you do, which is your own business. A resolution is the beginning to do things better than before.


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