Corona virus pandemic has an impact on various aspects of life, ranging from restrictions on transportation, delaying large events and sport events, as well as restrictions on access between one region and to others. Meanwhile, medical workers are at the forefront of being ready to fight this pandemic. And in general, the crisis period due to this virus gives us a lot of pressure, including those of us who have businesses. Just imagine, because of the spread of Covid-19, we have to face various challenges and have to be smart to adjust, starting from maintaining the cleanliness of business premises to limiting services, which only provides a takeaway system. So, how to restore our business that has been affected by the Corona pandemic? Here are 4 effective strategies that you must do!


Consider the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic on customers’ behaviour

Depending on what type of business we are running, we certainly need to pay attention to the trends of our customers that might change after the Covid-19 pandemic. Because by understanding customers, we can offer a variety of solutions they need, for example, offering disinfectant products to maintain cleanliness in the places they live. In addition to offering products, you can also offer online payment options, virtual accounts, and other non-cash payment options from Cashlez to reduce the risk of Corona Virus spreading. Through various non-cash payment options on the Cashlez Application, you and your customers can make transactions quickly, safely, and conveniently. Proof of payment can also be sent to customers via SMS, WhatsApp or E-mail.


See new opportunities

Even though there are social restrictions that make customers’ purchasing power decrease, in reality we can still get new opportunities to do business during this crisis. For example, we cannot open our shop as usual because we have to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. However, this does not mean we need to give up on the business we have founded. There are still other platforms that allow us to sell, one of which is through e-commerce and the marketplace. You can connect with customers practically through these two online platforms. And the good news, your customers don’t have to spend time to go to zour store, while you don’t have to adjust the store’s opening hours.


Make a long term investment

To restore business after the Corona pandemic, you who are primarily engaged in B2B alias Business to Business need to start looking for long-term investment. There are various types of long-term investments that can benefit your business. So, start evaluating various aspects of your business so you can see which things you need to develop. Some examples include how your business works, sales platform, and promotion. In addition, you can develop your business through partnerships with other business actors.


Keep maintaining hygienity in your store

Even though the Covid-19 pandemic is over, we still need to maintain cleanliness at the store. Because even though it looks simple, maintaining cleanliness is an effective preventive measure to reduce the risk of exposure to the virus. Cleanliness at the place of business certainly supports your business success. Just imagine, if for example you have to close your place of business temporarily because of the risk of Covid-19 exposure. Of course, all activities can be hampered. But if you always provide proper sanitation facilities, of course your customers and staff can maintain their own hygiene.


Restoring businesses affected by Covid-19 is indeed not easy. We need a process that needs to be carried out little by little to get our business back on track.

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