The retail industry is one type of business that we can categorize based on non-stores and stores. Non-store retails can be in the form of catalogs or direct demos conducted by sellers. While retailers who have shops certainly have certain operating hours. However, both non-store retail and store retail are both businesses that connect producers and product users. So, what do we need to know about this business? Check out the 5 facts about the following retail business! 
  1. Requires well trained employees
As one of the businesses that is considered to make a major contribution to employment, retail businesses require trained employees. Moreover, the division of work in the retail sector consists of several divisions which must help one another. Therefore, usually business people in the retail sector have implemented special standards that can be followed by their staff.
2. Employee performance is very important
The retail business has its own challenges in managing and improving employee performance. Therefore, a retail business person needs to be a good example and can optimize the potential possessed by his team. This is also the reason why every employee needs to be involved and trusted to handle certain things. 
  1. One of the highest-income industries
Retail shops are one example of the category of stores that make the most profit, so they make a major contribution to total economic income, or better known as Gross National Product. Moreover, retail businesses also have very diverse products. 
  1. Businesses that have great potential for success
Although now the growth of online business is very rapid, reveals that face-to-face business, i.e. visiting directly to retail stores is still very significant. Moreover, now financial technology services also make it easier for customers to shop, such as mobile cashier services at INFORMA. Through this service, customers can trade non-cash transactions without queuing, because INFORMA staff provide Cashlez Reader that can accept payments from various debit / credit cards and other digital payments. 
Each type of business certainly has its own character. This is what we need to pay attention to and study well so that we can develop our business to the fullest.
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