The world is always experiencing development so everyone must adjust, including business owners. If a few decades ago there were only physical stores, now we can also find various online stores easily. Here are 4 facts that are the reasons why business people today must start introducing their products online .


1. Selling without location and time limits

The digital world relies on the internet so that we can all be connected, without the limits of distance and time. Therefore, the business you run is also more flexible. If you only open a physical store, then your customers can only come during opening hours. Meanwhile, if you provide an online catalog that they can see, then they can shop anytime and anywhere.


2. Lower operational costs

Because you only need to rely on an internet connection, the operational costs you need to open an online store are also lower than the costs you need to rent a physical store. Moreover, you will also need other additional operational costs such as electricity and water costs. While through online stores, these costs can be reduced to optimize the store, you can create a variety of content that customers need, such as product listings and prices and product testimonials.


3. Build a business reputation quickly

Believe it or not, today’s business reputation can be built quickly through online stores. This is because online shop visitors are far more diverse than physical store visitors. So, there will be more owners who see the product along with reviews about your store. This is a great opportunity for you to attract a large number of potential customers.


4. Facilitate the dissemination of information to customers

Each customer will certainly need the actual information from the store they want to visit. So, the presence of online stores will make it easier for them to find that information . If for example there is a price change, they can immediately find out. In addition, you can also provide information about various attractive promos quickly.


In the midst of the government’s call for physical distancing so that we can break the chain of distribution of Covid-19, the presence of an online shop is certainly very helpful for businesses and buyers to get their needs.

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