Who does not want to run a business, especially that matches his/her own passion? Of course, this has been everyone’s dream. However, there are things that make the plan not yet realized, for example, as the reason most millennials want to collect the funding first. In fact, if you think about it, capital is not the thing that prevents us from doing business. See the following 4 motivations to look how great the potential of millennial generation is.

1. You have enough free time

Most young people still have plenty of time, just like you. As a millenial, it would be better if you start a business as early as possible. Because, there will be more chances to learn new things in your free time. So, your mind will be more focused in the business management.

2. Understanding competition in the business world
The faster you start a business, the easier it is for you to understand competition from competitors. So, when other people are just beginning to understand, you actually already recognize the important things that can be used as a reference in running your business. Besides that, getting used to facing competitors will also make you a resilient person and ready to face various challenges.

3. Opportunity to expand your network of friends
One of the advantages of being a business actor that is rarely recognized by many people is the opportunity to expand the network of friends. This is because you will be dealing with various parties, such as distributors, buyers, and business partners who work with you. The more acquaintances you have, the easier it will be to introduce your business brand.

4. Familiarize yourself to hone creativity
Although each young, millennial generation ideas can not be underestimated, especially now that the source of information is widespread. Being a businessman at a young age is no longer impossible, especially if you have a lot of innovations that make your products antimainstream compared to products sold by competitors.

Young age and minimal experience are not reasons for the millennial generation to hold up a planof being a businessman. In fact, there are many things that can be learned if you start early.

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