Business actors should be aware of matters related to their business. For example, a business actor who realizes rapidly changing customer habits will be able to make adjustments and keep his business running smoothly. Apart from being sensitive, entrepreneurs are also expected to be able to recognize trends carried out by business actors to expand their business reach.


In general, the emergence of trends, including trends in business, will be influenced by several aspects, such as the time aspect where we will soon enter the Fasting Month. So, this month, there are several trends in the business world that we must take advantage of. Let’s see what business trends we can use!


1. Regardless of the type of business, optimize it with an online platform

In the past, we may only see an increase in subscribers during the Month of Ramadan. But nowadays, not only customers are increasing, but also buying and selling activities are carried out online. Reporting from, the number of people who registered their business online increased by 38.3%. Meanwhile, the increase in online transactions that occurred in the month of Ramadan is usually due to the many discounts and promotions that customers can get. In general, the shopping period before Lebaran occurs ten days before Eid. Meanwhile, the most popular types of products are food and beverage, clothing, health, beauty, and jewelry.


2. Make it easier for customers in various ways

One of the main factors that make online shopping popular is the easy and fast process. Customers only need to open your e-commerce website, marketplace, and social media to see the product catalog directly. After that, they just place an order and wait until the product is sent to the destination address. Of course, this habit is much more efficient than direct shopping because customers need to come directly to your place. Moreover, now you can also provide face-to-face payment solutions from Cashlez. Just send the payment link or QR code to the customer, the payment will be processed immediately and will be automatically recorded on your reporting dashboard.


3. Many opportunities to share with others

Apart from increased purchasing power, there are also many opportunities to spread kindness in this blessed month. Therefore, you can also hold charity activities and invite customers and partners to participate. For example, you run a donation campaign to buy iftar meals for freelancers whose source of funds comes from purchasing products. Therefore, you can provide information to customers that if they buy a certain product, then you will donate a percentage of it to share kindness with others in the Fasting Month.


4. Using story telling

In addition to direct promotions, you must also be able to introduce your brand to customers. To be more effective, use story telling techniques so that you don’t overtly explain the advantages of your products. The story telling method itself is considered effective because it is more related to everyday life. For example, you can give a story telling on social media about how a mother struggles to share roles in her house. Of course, this condition is experienced by many women so that it has the potential to attract a lot of attention from the audience.


In general, we must be able to expand our business from being just a physical store to a business that is offered online. That way, we can reach an audience on a much broader scale.

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