Entrepreneurship is a profession that is in great demand by various groups. How could it not be, through this profession, someone can learn a lot and explore their potential, passion, and expertise. Not only that, someone who has his own business can also train themselves to be more independent and flexible. Hence, not a few parties offer training services for prospective business actors.


Basically, learning various things about the world of entrepreneurship will really help us when we open our own shop. However, keep in mind also that even though we already know the concepts in doing business, we still need to pay attention to simple things. Because by starting from small things, we can explore our potential in doing business, as in the following 4 things.


1. Implement a Word of Mouth Strategy

To increase customer interest in the products being sold, business people usually use direct promotions. Some of them include discounting prices for certain products, giving direct prizes when customers make a purchase with a certain nominal value, and cashback for customers. Well, besides doing direct promotions, we also need to apply a word of mouth strategy. Although this is considered one of the simplest strategies, word of mouth will make potential customers more confident. This is because they hear directly from the experiences of those closest to them. So, make sure to always maintain the quality of your products and services! Because without both, you will find it difficult to get recommendations from customers.


2. Maintaining Business Quality

Today, there are many types of products and business opportunities that we can try. However, regardless of what we choose, what we must pay attention to is to maintain product quality. For food and beverage business actors, the quality of the taste of the product must be maintained. Meanwhile, in order to further improve service quality, businesses can use today’s business solutions from Cashlez which provide various non-cash payment options as well as face-to-face payments. Not only that, the performance of business actors will also be more effective because there is a reporting feature that records all transactions at the place of business.


3. Open Attitude to Customers

Since childhood, we have certainly been taught to be honest individuals. We need to apply this lesson to everyday life, including when running a business. For business people, customer trust is an important aspect to maintain and develop a business. If we can be open to our customers, they will be sure to rely on us. Therefore, business actors must ensure that they not only make promises, but also provide evidence to customers. If for example a customer experiences a problem, we must provide a fast response and help them to solve the problem.


4. Appreciate the Time You Have

Have you ever heard of the term "time is money?" Of course, this term is a reminder for us not to waste the time we have. Without the will to manage our time properly, it will be difficult for us to achieve our targets. Of course, managing our time doesn’t mean we have to cut ourselves off from entertainment and hobbies. On the other hand, we can actually have a work life balance if we can get used to discipline, namely knowing when to do work and when to take breaks. Therefore, make sure also to make a priority scale on daily activities that help us to complete work effectively.


Even though it looks very mainstream, the 4 things above can have a significant influence on your business. So from now on, let’s make it a habit to change your little habits to be better than before!

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