As an individual, you certainly have responsibilities towards yourself. You see, you are the one who will carry out the decisions or choices you make. Therefore, anyone, including you, must have freedom in everyday life.


What is freedom and how does it relate to business?


Basically, freedom refers to the ability that a person has to make decisions regarding himself. This freedom includes all aspects, from the way you think, express your opinion, to determining the profession you will run, such as the decision to run a business. Although you may get a lot of advice and input regarding the business you are running, in the end it is you who will determine what kind of business you want to run.

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1. Freedom to set goals


One of the freedoms that business owners can experience is the ability to determine what they want to achieve. When entering the beginning of the year, usually business owners will determine targets, such as sales targets, product innovation, to the number of partners invited to work together. So, the profession as a business owner is not just a type of job, but also a path that will allow you to get various opportunities that suit your interests. Meanwhile, in addition to determining what you want to achieve, you will also have the ability to find out what method you want to use to achieve the target.


2. Freedom of money (seeking income)


If you become an employee, the income you get is determined based on the role you will be playing. However, when you become a business owner, then you can earn income freely without restrictions. In a day, you could earn a small income. However, this condition is not fixed. In the following days, you may get a higher income. Of course, to gain the freedom to earn an income, you must understand your business, the potential you can develop, and the tendencies of your customers.

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3. Freedom to manage time


What is the most important difference between a business owner and an employee? Business owners have the freedom to manage their time, while employees generally have set working hours. Of course, you may indeed have hours of operation if you open a physical store. However, you are not required to always come there if you have already hired staff. Meanwhile, if you have an online store, then you can process orders at any time.


4. Freedom to innovate


As a business owner, you can have the freedom to bring innovation, both in the aspects of production, sales, payment services through payment gateway, and promotions. The innovations that you present will have an impact, both for customers, the surrounding community, and the environment. You see, these innovations can be a solution to the problems experienced. For example, before you provide cashless payment services, customers must queue and prepare cash. They also cannot shop online. However, when you have provided cashless transaction facilities, customers can freely choose payment methods, including online payments if they cannot come directly to the store.


Freedom is a basic right for every human being that will enable us to make our own choices in life. Come on, become a freer business owner through optimization of the Cashlez business application, which provides the Cashlez Reporting feature as well as various non-cash payment options!

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