It is undeniable, the pandemic period is also one of the challenges for business actors engaged in the retail sector. Starting from the reduced number of visitors in physical stores to the emergence of new competitors. Therefore, retailers need to prepare strategies to improve the shopping experience for their customers. Because if not, of course, their business will find it increasingly difficult to survive in the midst of intense business competition. Basically, to increase customer shopping interest, you need to show evidence of why customers are required to visit your store. Come on, follow these 4 ways to do it!


1. Not just a seller, but you also need to be a consultant

Believe it or not, a change must start with yourself. So, if you want to make your business better, you have to change your mindset. Maybe, in the past we only understood that a businessman would only need to sell his products to customers. However, it turns out that you have to dig deeper if you want to increase customer satisfaction. Instead of just being a salesperson, you can give them advice and be open to hearing their views.


2. Give visitors chances to have fun

Well, in this one way you need to focus on your physical store because it relates to the customer experience for direct shopping. Try to start questioning yourself, has the shopping experience you provided tended to be monotonous? Do you only provide opportunities for customers to browse the products you offer? If the answer is yes, then you need to prepare a new strategy to make customers feel happy visiting your store, for example, such as providing play facilities for children or providing speakers so that visitors can listen to music while choosing groceries.


3. Make sure to manage the online store and offline store

In the midst of the rapid development of information technology, business actors, including retailers, should provide their own online stores. Well, if you already have it, make sure the online store is managed intensively, like a physical store. So, if you put a promotional banner in front of a physical store, then you also need to install it on the online shop so that visitors don’t miss information about this interesting offer. Moreover, customers in today’s era also don’t just depend on one shopping habit. So, in addition to shopping directly, they can also place orders through the devices they have.


4. Provide a different checkout experience

One of the problems that customers often experience when shopping directly is queuing at the cashier. And as it turned out, this problem not only troubled the customer by wasting their time, but also troubled the seller. In fact, there are various consequences that sellers can experience, ranging from customer protests, difficulty finding change, to losing customers because customers don’t want to queue. Therefore, you need to anticipate this problem by presenting a different shopping experience, namely through Cashlez, the current payment solution. Through Cashlez, you can receive various payment options, for example, credit/debit cards, QRIS, Virtual Accounts, to installments!


Understanding customers is one of the main factors that help you to improve the quality of your business. Because behind the success of a business, there are customers who are satisfied with the products and services of the business. So from now on, let’s learn to improve the customer’s shopping experience!

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