After-sales service or what is also known as after-sales support is a service provided to customers after they buy a product or service from a brand. You can provide this service through an internal team or work with a third party. If you provide quality after-sales service, then you can increase customer loyalty. You see, customers will feel satisfied and helped by the support you provide.


For business owners, after-sales services also play an important role in building good relationships with customers who trust their products and services. Not only that, the customer satisfaction that you provide in the after-sales service can also make your business recommended to the people closest to the customer. So, what kind of after-sales services can you implement? Check out the explanation below!


1. Product usage training


Before your customers use your products and services, they may need training. There are several factors that can make your customers have to be trained, for example to ensure the safety of using products, such as industrial machines or medical equipment. Not only that, training also helps customers to understand product features. When you use Cashlez’s non-cash payment services, you can also get training on using applications, EDC machines, and access Cashlez sales reports!


2. Provide product usage guide


As with product training services, product usage guides can also be an after-sales service that helps customers. This guide can be provided through various media, such as video tutorials, e-books, or printed guides. Through the guide you provide, customers can learn how to use the product. So, they will not feel confused or decide to switch to competitor products.

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3. Customer Service


Even though you have succeeded in selling products, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to pay attention to customers. Instead, you have to ensure their comfort when using the products they buy. If they want to ask questions or experience problems, you can provide support services so that questions or problems faced by customers can be resolved. To make this service more effective, you can provide it through various communication media, separate e-mail and instant messaging.


4. Product upgrade service


As a form of appreciation for customers, you can also provide product upgrade services. Compared to when it hasn’t been upgraded, an upgraded product certainly has more functions. So, customers can use it more practically and effectively. On the Cashlez App, you can get this upgrade service in the payment feature upgrade option. There are various payment services that you can add, such as installments and Virtual Accounts.

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5. Warranty and exchange services


After sales services that are also often provided by business owners for their customers are guarantees and trade-in. In general, the guarantee will be provided in the form of a card which also explains the warranty period, for example 6 months, 12 months or 24 months. So, during this period, if there are problems with the product purchased, customers can get free repair services. Not only that, business owners can also provide trade-in services if customers want to use the latest products.


After sales service plays an important role in maintaining good relations with customers. This is because customer satisfaction will increase their trust in your business. Let’s, start improving your after-sales service now!

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