Collaboration is a good opportunity to develop a business, regardless of the type of business you run.


Through the collaboration that you do with business partners, not only is your network wider, your income can also increase.


Meanwhile, you can also save your budget while learning important things about business that will increase your experience.

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How to forge a successful collaboration?


In order for the collaboration to run smoothly, effectively, and successfully, of course you and your business partner must complement each other. For example, in terms of expertise, the skills you master can help your partners, and vice versa.


5 business collaboration ideas you can try


1. Hold an event together


If your company is a B2B business, then this idea is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. When you collaborate on an event, both you and your partner have the opportunity to meet people who have the potential to become customers.


Of course, you need to work with businesses that have customer criteria according to your target market. For example, you have a business in the food and beverages sector and work with a business engaged in cooking utensils.


2. Write a guest post


Along with the development of digital technology, you should not miss the opportunity to work together through blog posts or websites with partners.


This method is one of the effective strategies that will increase your brand awareness. Of course, in this collaboration, you and your partner will exchange articles which are then published on their respective websites.

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3. Cross promotion on social media


In addition to websites, social media is also an effective way that can help you reach more potential customers.


Well, when you work with other companies or business partners to promote your business products, both parties can get additional social media followers and opportunities to increase sales.


4. Hold a giveaway on social media


Besides promoting each other’s products, why don’t you also hold a giveaway and work with partners?


This method will help you to increase interaction with the audience as well as a solution to save you and your partner’s promotional budget.


5. Cross promotion through other media


Well, in addition to using digital media, there is no harm in doing cross promotions in other media, such as ebooks, podcasts, and webinars.


In addition, you can also create promotional programs organized by you and your partners to attract the attention of customers.


Through the collaborations that are carried out, you can provide many opportunities for you to understand many things. So, if you understand the importance of collaborating, how do you do it? Come on, take a peek at 5 business collaboration ideas that you should try below!


Collaboration does not only aim to provide benefits for the parties involved. As fellow entrepreneurs, you and your partners can exchange ideas, opinions, and expertise.


Well, in addition to trying the collaboration ideas above, you can also form a partnership with Cashlez so that you can practically manage your business and accept various cashless payment options!

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