It is undeniable, the business world will always be influenced by trends. Therefore, you should always innovate and apply the creativity you have in doing business. No need to worry if you don’t have inspiration, because things around you can become a business potential. For your reference, here are five types of business opportunities that are currently being hit, especially among millennials.

1. Beverage with boba topping
Actually, a variety of current drinks with boba toppings have been around for a long time, but only recently, these drinks are becoming increasingly popular. You can also open a beverage business from Taiwan because there are many franchises available. Or, you can also produce the boba drink yourself.

2. Coffee Shop
In the past, we might only be familiar with coffee shops as a place to gather. However, now many young people are starting to open their own gathering place through coffee shops that offer a variety of contemporary coffee menus, for example, mixed with cream cheese or palm sugar.

3. Hype foods and drinks
Millennial generation creations are not only seen in the types of drinks, but also in the foods that are sold. There are various types of interesting menus that make customers want to try it. For example, like ancient food that is modified, such as pinch cakes with various topings, ranging from chocolate, green tea, and red velvet.

4. Wedding Organizer
Have you ever heard of the hashtag #antiweekendclub? Apparently, this hashtag came from the business organizer of Wedding Organizer services which are currently popping up a lot on the online platform. Usually, Wedding Organizer consists of one team so that there is a division of tasks, ranging from ordering catering, wedding venue, to entertainment provided.

5. Paid to promote
If you are an active user of social media, surely you are familiar with this one service. Yup, paid promoting services function to introduce a product to social media users through influencers who have many followers on the social media.
Trends will always change. But if you can follow every trend, then you can make your business last a long time.


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