Taking steps to start a business or expand the reach of a business is not a simple matter. Of course, you have prepared various things to make this decision. So, so that the decisions you make can be carried out more easily, there are several skills that you need. Are you curious about what abilities an entrepreneur today must master? Here’s the review!

1. The Art of Negotiating
In running a business, there are times when you work with business partners and make certain agreements with them. So, when you are negotiating, make sure you don’t make hasty decisions, OK! Keep in mind that the decisions you make must be based on various considerations and priorities. If for example the partnership plan is not in accordance with your business vision and mission, then you can look for other potential partners who are more suitable. Because as we know, cooperation between business actors aims to generate benefits for both parties. Therefore, it is also important to always show an understanding and respect for the other party during negotiations.

2. Take into account small expenses
It seems that small expenses have no significant effect on the cash flow you have. However, if you are accustomed to neglecting these expenses, you can find it difficult to manage business cash and manage the use of the business operating budget. To anticipate this, make a financial expenditure plan within three months so that you can more easily monitor finances and anticipate future expenses. Then, do an evaluation to assess whether the budget spending plan that you are using is effective or not. This will help you to make the right financial plan.

3. Monitor business income
Like expenses, your business income also needs to be monitored regularly and in detail. However, who is a business actor who has the time to create financial reports manually? Not to mention if there is an error in the calculation. As a solution, you can use the sales report feature from Cashlez which records all transactions at the place of business in real time. So even though on that day you didn’t have time to come directly to the store, you can still monitor transactions anytime and anywhere. Not only that, with this sales report feature, you can also set your own settlement time at your store.

4. Take into account business taxes
As a business actor, you also need to learn about tax obligations. Find out whether your business is a business that is subject to mandatory use or not. Based on the SME tax rules in PP number 46 of 2013 regarding taxes for Small and Medium Enterprises (UKM), there are business actors who are not required to pay Final Income Tax of 1% ,. Some types of SMEs that are not subject to tax are unloading businesses, franchise SMEs, and online businesses.

5. Provide training for staff
Human resources are one of the factors that have an important influence on the development of your business. Therefore, it is very important to provide training to staff. At first, providing training may take time, it’s different if you directly ask the staff to work. However, providing training will make it easier for them to master the necessary skills so that they can help you manage your shop more effectively.

Because market demand is always growing, an entrepreneur certainly has to adjust the trend with his / her expertise. So, among the five skills needed by today’s entrepreneur, which ones have you mastered?

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