One problem that is often faced by businesses is the difficulty in managing time. The reason is, there are also some business actors who have other needs, ranging from personal matters to professional matters. On the one hand, you certainly must monitor the business that you have started. But on the other hand, you also need to save the budget you have. Well, to overcome this dilemma, try to do these 5 smart solutions below!

1. Use an automatic sales report
In order for your business to progress, you certainly need to explore your knowledge and learn from many things. So, don’t waste your time just to recapitulate the sales. Now, there is a sales report feature that you can access for free after you complete your registration as Cashlez Merchant.

2. Serve customers with digital cashiers
Even though you don’t have a cash register, you can still serve customers, even send proof of payment via email or SMS. Because in the Cashlez Application, there are two payment options, namely using the simple mode and cashier mode. When choosing a simple mode, you can simply take a photo of the product and write down the price. While for cashier mode, you can choose the type of product along with discounts if any.

3. Data of all products through the point of sales feature
Diverse products often make it difficult for you or your staff to distinguish one product from another. And if you enter the wrong price of the item, of course you can trouble yourself and the buyer. So that this does not happen, try to list all the products and categorize them on the Cashlez Application. You can also enter product images and charged taxes.

4. No need to prepare proof of payment, just send e-receipt
Although often considered trivial, proof of payment is one of the important elements in the business. Because if you don’t provide this, buyers will find it difficult to check their purchase details. In the Cashlez Application, you can send e-receipts at any time to your customers. They just need to tell their email or telephone number.

5. No need to hire many staff
Who says the few staff will affect the progress of business? In fact, the number of staff has no effect at all because Cashlez has helped your business in many ways. Starting from the payment process, data collection along with the price, up to daily, weekly and monthly sales reports.

Every challenge you face must always have a solution. So what’s important, you don’t give up too quickly and always think creatively in solving problems.
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