Our world is always changing, and so are the trends of our customers. In order for your business to remain sustainable, of course you must be able to prepare a strategy to adapt according to customer desires. Well, one of the effective solutions that you can use is through technology-based products and services.


Along with digital transformation, the use of digital technology in business is a big opportunity for businesses to develop their business. Through digital technology solutions, you can not only increase business efficiency, but also make the business you run more productive. In fact, reported by mediaindonesia.com, a survey from the World Bank and Shopee shows that businesses using digital technology can recover within six months after being affected by the pandemic. So, what are the effects of digital technology on business? Find out the explanation through the following reviews!

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1. Business operations are becoming more effective


Regardless of whatever business you run, of course you want it to run efficiently. You see, the more efficient a business, the smaller the budget you have to spend. If you take advantage of digital-based business services, business operations can run more practically and safely. So, you can also allocate time and energy for other purposes, such as product development or sales evaluation.


2. Make decisions based on data


How to compete with competitors in the digital era? One effective way you can do this is through sales data. Through information about your business sales data, you can find out what products are most sought after by customers and what types of services they prefer. Through this trend, you can also apply ideas to increase sales, for example through bundling promos.


3. Meet customer expectations


It is impossible for the business that you run to grow without customers using your products and services. Therefore, you must also make them have a pleasant shopping experience. Through digital technology, such as e-commerce and cashless payment options, customers can feel more comfortable when shopping. They will also be more loyal and not turn to competitors.


4. Manage business more accurately


In the midst of a busy routine as a business owner, you are still required to manage sales data accurately. You see, you can use this data as evaluation material and consideration for determining the next sales strategy. So, to find out how many transactions were made, you can check sales reports through the Cashlez Reporting dashboard. This web-based facility will make it easier for you to monitor transactions anytime and anywhere.

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5. Open opportunities for collaboration


When you decide to go digital, there will be many collaboration opportunities that you can get, both internally and externally. For example, if your business is in the retail sector, then you can work with graphic designers and delivery service providers to present online stores. Not only that, you can also partner with the Cashlez Payment Gateway to provide payment features without face to face, for example through a Virtual Account or QR Payment.


Business digitization not only makes it easier for your customers to shop, but can also help you run your business more optimally. Moreover, there are various digital services that you can use for your business. Let’s stay optimistic about running a business while bringing innovation according to customer needs!

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