The application of technology to business is nothing new in the digital era. Moreover, compared to before, today’s business owners face more complex challenges as well as a more challenging level of competition. Therefore, technology-based business solutions can be an alternative that helps you run your business.


One type of technology-based business service that is becoming increasingly popular among businesses is payment gateway. This payment service presents innovation from a payment system that previously relied on cash to become cashless which consists of various payment options. Meanwhile, before using a payment gateway, there are usually several factors that are considered by businesses. Let’s find out what these factors are through the following reviews!

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1. Cost offered


Business owners will be charged a payment gateway service fee. The usual range varies, depending on what type of transaction is used. Therefore, before using a payment gateway, business owners will usually consider how to integrate the service fee with the business model they are running. You see, these costs will affect other aspects, starting from revenue, payment frequency, to sales. In addition, they will also consider prices based on the platforms they use, for example through e-commerce and social media.


2. Process integration


Another factor that is also often considered by business actors when they want to use a payment gateway is the integration process. You see, they will first confirm whether the integration is available for their platform or not. Not only that, they will also find out what the integration process is like. Business owners certainly want to operate their business quickly. So, an easy integration process will help them avoid payment problems while increasing the number of sales.

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3. Reliable


The presence of non-cash transactions is expected to be a solution to the problems that have been faced by customers, namely the long queue process and the difficulty of getting money back. A reliable payment gateway service will help you improve your customer’s shopping experience, especially while at the cashier. You see, they can enjoy seamless transactions through payment gateways.


4. Variation of payment options


As a provider of non-cash transaction services, payment gateways need to provide a variety of payment methods that customers can choose from. Moreover, each of your customers certainly has different tendencies. There are customers who pay using a debit/credit card more often. However, there may also be customers who use their smartphones to make transactions, namely through mobile banking or e-wallets. In the Cashlez Payment gateway Application, you can get various cashless payment features to improve payment services for your business.


5. Transaction security


The payment gateway service offered to business actors meets security standards so that you and your customers can transact safely. One type of security standard used is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or also known as PCI DSS. PCI DSS plays an important role in regulating regulation and security during transactions. Therefore, for payment gateway service providers that provide payment options by credit/debit card, PCI DSS certification is a must.


Payment gateway services increase efficiency when you receive payments from buyers. Not surprisingly, you also need to adapt the method you provide to their tendencies. Use the Cashlez Payment gateway to improve payment services at your place of business!

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