Today, technology is an important element in doing business. Thanks to the use of technology such as the cloud-based cash register alias mPOS, businesses can improve their business quickly compared to competitors who do not utilize mPOS. However, despite its sophistication, we can still find business actors who are hesitant to use the mPOS system. In general, they still assume things that are wrong, some of them like the 5 myths about the following MPOS.

1. The mPOS system is difficult to operate
Along with the development of technology, the mPOS application has been designed as detailed as possible so that it is easily accessed and used. So, you no longer need to use a computer or a manual cash register. Cashlez provides applications with free mPOS. So, you just choose to use simple mode or cashier mode. If using simple mode, you only need to enter the nominal price, while in cashier mode, you are required to choose products that are already available.

2. Free means no quality
To get something of quality, do you have to spend a big budget? Of course not! On the App Store and Play Store, you can directly download the Cashlez Application and register your business there. When making a transaction, you can immediately send proof of the transaction to your customer’s email or telephone number. Not only that, you can also get a variety of non-cash payment features, ranging from debit / credit cards, and digital payments such as LinkAja, OVO, GoPay, and Kredivo.

3. Data security is not guaranteed
For most businesses, the security of an MPOS is the most important element. However, there are still business actors who still assume that the mPOS system is easily hacked. In fact, mPOS that use cloud systems are actually safer than manual sales systems that are vulnerable to the risk of theft or damage. After registering yourself as a Cashlez merchant, you no longer need to worry about data theft because all of your sales data will be stored regularly and neatly on the dashboard that you can access anytime and anywhere.

Instead of making assumptions directly, of course we better find out the truth first. Have you used the mPOS system to transact with buyers?
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