Some time recently, of course we are familiar with the term self service, which is a system in place of business that allows customers to get goods or services without the help of staff. Starting from the product selection process to the transaction carried out by the customer himself. Self service systems have been widely applied in countries such as Germany, Japan and Singapore. While in Indonesia, the application of this system is still relatively rare. However, we can find self service in the following 5 types of businesses.

1. Restaurant or cafe
Through self-service in restaurants and cafes, customers are required to dispose of leftovers and put dishes in the places provided. So, the staff can immediately clean the table that has been used. In Indonesia, we can usually see this system in fast food restaurants.

2. Parking space
In some parking lots, we can pay for parking at the machine on a non-cash basis. So, we don’t need to worry if we don’t bring cash because the parking attendants no longer charge us fees. They are only on duty to help us park the vehicle.

3. SPBU (Fuel Station)
Some gas stations in Indonesia are now starting to implement a self service system so that they do not fully rely on staff. Through this system, gas station visitors can reduce the number of queues and feel the experience of filling their own gas, without the help of other parties. Even so, confused customers can still be helped by the existing staff.

4. Supermarket
Whether we realize it or not, actually we often do self service when we shop for daily needs at the supermarket. This is because we search for and choose the items we want to buy. Then, when it arrives at the cashier, then we are assisted by officers to make payments.

5. Cinema
When going to the cinema, you can also order your own tickets, both through the application and the self service machine available. In addition, after finishing watching the film, we are also obliged not to leave food and drink leftovers in the studio. So, the system is similar to fast food restaurants.

Basically, self service can be applied to all business segments as long as the system is easy to use, aka user friendly. For your own place of business, is there a self service?
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