As one of the business challenges in Indonesia, MSME owners also have their own challenges. These challenges can arise without challenges. Well, here are 5 types of problems that most often arise in the MSME world and you need to anticipate.

  1. Capital
    To develop a business, a business that requires capital, so the minimum capital needed to make their business hampered. Sounds classic, right? However, you don’t need to worry, right now, there are several ways to get help for businesses. One of them is by using crowdfunding system, which is getting venture capital from people who are interested in your business.

  2. Competition
    In terms of competition, MSME products also compete in competition, both on a local and international scale. In foreign markets, MSME products can also overcome difficulties to compete in terms of quality, price, or brand identity. Therefore, the UMKM trial must be able to be open and participate in release events to keep abreast of market developments.
  3. Marketing strategies
    Usually, MSME products are marketed conventionally, so they do not have wide coverage. In fact, it could be that these MSME products are in great demand. Therefore, to encourage more effective marketing, an SME actor must utilize information technology, for example by installing their products through an online platform.
  4. Product brand
    Not a few businesses at the MSME scale still override their product brand. In fact, with the product brand, they can determine the features and differences of their products with other products. There are various things that they can highlight in creating a brand, for example by supporting the product to be made from natural ingredients and made from local ingredients.
  5. Productivity Level
    Because it was originally launched traditionally, some MSME trials are also still hesitant to change the way they do business, for example in terms of marketing, accounting, and also the production of goods. In fact, they can make sales practically, for example through technological assistance such as Cashlez, which accepts various non-cash transactions, ranging from debit / credit cards to digital payments such as LinkAja, OVO, GoPay, and Kredivo.
Even though there are problems and challenges that are involved by MSMEs, there will always be a solution behind the difficulties faced. This will also make MSME opportunities open to various opportunities and expand its business more broadly.
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