Location is one important point you need to consider when going into business. Because basically, the business idea that you run needs to be adjusted to where you live. What happens if you sell ice cream in areas with high rainfall? Most likely, your merchandise will be difficult to sell. Actually, every place has its own business potential, it does not depend on urban or rural areas. Well, if you live in a mountainous area, here are some types of businesses that you can try.

1. Coffee Shop
Because of the cold weather, tourists in the mountains tend to enjoy hot food and drinks. So, you can open a coffee shop by the side of the road so that it is easier for tourists to stop and stop by there. To better attract customers, you should provide local specialties and various snacks and other food menus.

2. Lodging Services
Usually, visitors in the mountainous regions do not immediately go home the same day. They will spend a few days to enjoy the coolness there before finally having to return to the city. Therefore, you can open a lodging business as a means of their accommodation. Even though you can’t make a luxurious place to stay, you have to keep it comfortable and clean.

3. Regional Specialties
Opening a culinary business, especially regional cuisine is one of the promising business choices. Moreover, food is also an icon of tourist attractions and can be used as souvenirs. Of course, there will be many tourists who hunt for souvenirs to bring to relatives and acquaintances.

4. Plantation
Land in the mountains tends to be fertile so plants can grow well there. If you have vacant land, it doesn’t hurt you trying to grow a variety of vegetables, fruit, and other food sources. You can sell these plantation products to distributors.

5. Stock Breeding
In addition to the plantation business, you can also run a livestock business. First of all, try to determine which type of farm animal is suitable for your place of residence. Basically, livestock business is one of the promising types of business as long as you take good care of your livestock.

Mountains can be a place that produces a lot of business potential. So, don’t waste the opportunity and also use the free cashier application from Cashlez to make it easy for you to make transactions.

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