Having a target is indeed one thing that is mandatory for business owners. However, keep in mind that there are many ways you can do to achieve the goals you want. Moreover, when running a business, you can also find unexpected things that make you have to change the way you manage your business. Therefore, you must be a flexible entrepreneur.


What does a flexible business owner do?


When you want to be a flexible business actor, then you will manage your business based on the priorities you set. So, regardless of how to manage the business, the most important thing to pay attention to is how you adapt your business and the current situation. Well, flexibility in business also consists of two types, namely:

  1. Staff flexibility which refers to the way your staff adapts to their roles according to what is needed in a business.
  2. Business flexibility which includes how you as a leader can give trust to your staff while they are working.


Why is flexibility in business necessary?


When you apply flexibility, the positive impact can not only be felt by you as a business actor. You see, this will also affect your customers and staff. Come on, see the following review!


1. Increase customer loyalty


You can apply flexibility in doing business through various things, such as providing online ordering services due to restrictions on the number of visitors to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission. Now, indirectly, this can be a practical way to keep customers shopping at your place of business, even though they are now ordering them online.


2. Grow the teamwork skill


As a flexible entrepreneur, you will learn to trust the staff to complete their tasks appropriately and independently. Trust between you and the staff is very important so that the whole team can work well together and help each other when needed.


3. More productive


When you don’t stick to one way to manage your business, you can make your entire team more productive. You see, both you and the staff will be looking for ways to get the job done effectively. Moreover, you also trust the staff to be responsible for what has been assigned to them.


4. Lowering stress levels


When you can adapt the way you manage your business to the circumstances, you and your entire staff can reduce stress levels too. For example, when there are social restrictions and your business is a non-essential sector, you can also ask staff to work from home or limit the number of people who can work from your place of business.


5. Learn a lot of new things


Managing your business flexibly allows you to learn a lot of new things. For example, in the past you only provided the option of using cash only. However, you now know that many buyers use non-cash payment transactions, such as QRIS or debit/credit cards. For that, you can customize your service to their needs through Cashlez!


We all know that a business actor must be able to adapt his business to current market demands. Well, when you get used to being a flexible business actor, then you can more easily adapt and follow today’s business trends!

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