If we were asked "who can open a business?" Some of us may mention certain criteria, such as people who have capital or people who have business backgrounds. Of course, these answers are not wrong. However, anyone can actually start their own business, including housewives!


Come to think of it, the role of housewives can give us the opportunity to do business. Because in the midst of taking care of various household chores and children, housewives must be able to manage their time well. Not only that, as people who take care of household needs, they also have to be good at allocating budgets. So, what are the reasons why housewives should open their own business? Check out the answers below!


1. Have emergency income

None of us can predict, what will happen in the future. Therefore, it is very important to have an emergency fund. Well, opening a side business can be one of the right solutions for moms. So, we do not need to depend on partners, but help them to spare emergency funds.


2. Train yourself to be financially literate

Reporting from cnbcindonesia.com, the level of financial literacy in Indonesia in 2020 is only 37%. This means that we still need to do a lot of effort so that Indonesians can become financially literate, one of which is through entrepreneurial activities. Housewives who open businesses will learn to manage business income and expenses. Moreover, now there is Cashlez Reporting feature that records your sales transactions automatically.


3. Exploring self potential

Everyone must have their own privileges. There are those who are good at cooking, teaching foreign languages, and those who can write. Well, opening a business can also be an opportunity for housewives to develop their potential and expertise. Because if not trained, our ability level can actually decrease.


4. Utilize the spare time

It is undeniable that running everyday as a housewife can make us feel bored. Especially if we just do the same thing over and over again. Hence, the initiative to open a side business can be the right choice to fill our spare time. Instead of just doing unproductive activities, we can actually learn many things if we start our own business.


Tips for running a business for housewives

Even though the Cashlezians who are housewives decide to do business, it is important to remember that family must remain our priority. Of course, our children need our support and affection while we run our business. Therefore, consider the following tips.

a. Start doing online business

As a newbie, it’s good for Cashlezians to open an online business so that it can be done from home.

b. Set a personal schedule

Determine what needs to be done in one day so that all your needs can be done effectively.

c. Maintain communication with family

Make sure family members understand what Cashlezian moms want to do so that there are no misunderstandings.


The role of being a housewife makes Cashlezians have to be able to share their time effectively. However, this is not an obstacle for those of you who want to run a business. Moreover, there are many benefits that we can get by opening our own business, even though they are only side business. What business do you want to open?


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