Gathering feedback from customers is one of the important things for businesses. This is because you can make feedback as a reference to introspect your way of managing a business. That way, you can further increase sales and expand your business. So, what things can you do to make it happen? Listen to the following 5 explanations!

1. Use technology
Various technological sophistication allows you to get closer to consumers. For example, at present, the trend of payment without cash is increasingly prevalent. Therefore, you should not only accept cash. Through the Cashlez non-cash payment application and machine, your customers can pay through various credit / debit cards and digital payments, namely LinkAja, OVO, GoPay, and Kredivo.

2. Respond to responses through online media
As the digital world grows, now your customers can also provide online reviews on your business account. Therefore, make sure you respond to the responses they provide. Regardless of the negative or positive feedback, you must still respond to it. That way, customers will feel valued and judge you as a businessman who responds quickly.

3. Write an open letter to the customer
Sometimes, there are times when you need to respond to customer feedback in general, for example via open mail. Some business actors, both small and large scale, do so to notify all their customers of certain changes, for example promotions such as price discounts.

4. Mark the customer feedback that has been run
Even though it looks simple, basically you need to tell customers that the feedback they have provided is already running. That way, you have also involved customers in optimizing your service and business as a whole. From the customer side, things like this are also very important because their feedback will provide more benefits for all parties.

5. Have a dialogue with customers
Another powerful way you can do to get you closer to customers is to talk directly. Therefore, you should not underestimate the importance of having one-on-one dialogue with customers. Because, often business development occurs through this.

Maintaining a good relationship with customers is a valuable opportunity that you need to maintain. If just once you disappoint them, then their level of trust in you will also immediately decrease.

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