Although it belongs to a small-scale business, MSMEs actually contribute greatly to economic growth in Indonesia. Reporting from, MSMEs account for 61.7 percent of GDP (gross domestic product). Unfortunately, based on the results of a survey conducted by Bank Indonesia, 87.5 percent of MSMEs were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. So, as a good society, what can we do to support local businesses on an MSME scale? Let’s have a look at some simple ways below!


1. Spread kindness to local businesses and people around you

Basically, the support we can provide for local businesses can start from ourselves. Order the products they offer, ranging from handmade goods, shoe washing services, to daily food menus. Looks simple doesn’t it? But actually, this simple step can have a huge impact on local businesses. If, for example, we have more sustenance, we can order these products in larger quantities and then distribute them to other people in need.


2. Become a loyal customer for those who are professionals

Businesses that offer services such as salons, reflexology, and personal training will certainly be greatly affected during the pandemic. Finding new customers will be a challenge because these local businesses, for example, need to convince potential customers that they have implemented strict health protocols. In the midst of these difficult times, the loyalty of customers who have used their services is very important. To give them an appreciation for their skills, we can also give you additional tips!


3. Help local businesses through our expertise

In addition to focusing on the products they offer, we also have the opportunity to help local businesses through our expertise. Whether we are accountants, digital marketing specialists, developers, lawyers, or other professions, our expertise can be used to help SMEs. So, even though the MSMEs that we will support have limited operational budgets and resources, they can still develop their potential. For example, we started helping them to go digital through the creation of social media. In addition, we can also explain how important it is to have a contact that can be contacted so that customers can order practically. And for payment matters, they can also use the Cashlez App which accepts various non-cash transaction options, ranging from QRIS, virtual accounts, to online payments.


4. List local businesses around us

In order to be able to support many local businesses, we can start registering MSMEs around us. Find out what products they offer and which products are suitable for our daily needs. For example, if we don’t have time to cook or wash clothes, we can use catering or laundry services. In addition, we can share the data on SMEs around us with people around us as their reference.


5. Promote local businesses

Until now, word of mouth promotion strategy is still an effective strategy to recommend a business to other potential customers. You see, reviews from people we already know will certainly be more convincing. Well, in the digital era like today, the reviews that we provide can not only be submitted directly, but also through our social media accounts. That way, we can reach more people we know. Don’t forget to also mention the local business accounts that we recommend so that our acquaintances can immediately find out about these local business products.


The pandemic period is not something we can predict. Everyone will certainly be affected in these difficult times. However, do not let us lose to the situation. Let’s start promoting local businesses that we know!


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