The business world can never be separated from discussions on MSMEs. In Indonesia, this one business is developing rapidly. Based on data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) reported by, the number of MSME actors in Indonesia who have used digital technology reached 3.79 million users. Of course, this indicates the important role of micro, small and medium businesses in the national economy. Meanwhile, Indonesian people are also increasingly aware that MSMEs are also a promising business opportunity, especially if we know MSME strategies to compete in the digital era!

Opening businesses in the right locations
If an MSME must be operated through a physical store, then you must consider the exact location. The more strategic the location you choose, the greater your chance to get many customers. Not only that, a strategic sales location also helps your suppliers to distribute products and raw materials more easily. If your location and suppliers are close by, of course you can reduce shipping costs and make the business operate more effectively.

Social media is a digital asset that you must have
Doing business in the digital era requires utilizing social media as effectively as possible. This does not only apply to business actors on an enterprise scale, but also business actors among MSMEs. Thanks to the presence of social media, you can market your products more effectively because they reach many social media users. Therefore, you also need to understand the basics of marketing through social media, for example through the use of hashtags and endorse services through influencers related to your business.

Never stop to innovate
Customer trends can change so you need to innovate in order to bring something new and interesting to customers. This will also help you to compete in the midst of many competitors. Without innovation, it is difficult for a business to develop. A simple example is seen if you have a fried chicken business. In addition to maintaining the taste that consumers like, you can also bring innovations based on current menu trends, such as salted egg sauce and crispy chicken.

Finance needs to be managed appropriately
The financial system in an MSME is a very important element. Because if it is not managed wisely, you might even hamper the progress of MSMEs. Make sure you record all income regularly. If you want to monitor your income without wasting time and energy, you can use the FREE sales report feature from Cashlez. Simply download the application through the Play Store or App Store, then register your business and attach the required documents. Once verified, you can use the sales report feature.

Get to know who your competitors are
In running a business, of course you can find competitors, namely businesses offering similar products. Therefore, it is important to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. This will help you evaluate and determine what things you will apply to make your business stay superior. If you want to optimize your business in terms of service, you can use Cashlez Payment Gateway. Through the cashier application and various non-cash payment options, your business can be managed more effectively.

It is time to leave the stigma of MSMEs as a business that is difficult to develop or does not rely on technology. In fact, technological progress can improve the progress of MSMEs’ development.

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