Not a few people are interested in entrepreneurship. There are various things that motivate their motivation to set up their own business, from promising income to channeling their own passion. In addition, there are also business actors who have business motivation to be able to help many people. Business actors like this are called sociopreneurs.

Through its capabilities, a sociopreneur aims to overcome problems in the environment and society. The ideas that they do are expected to provide positive change for many people. So in addition to requiring business skills and strong determination, a sociopreneur also needs to have the ability to empower the surrounding community. So, what are the things that need to be prepared by a sociopreneur? Here are the steps!

1. Find a problem and offer a solution to solve the problem
There are various problems in the community that you can make an inspiration to start running a business. Examples such as the problem of plastic waste that pollutes the environment. To solve this problem, you can run a business that offers shopping bag products made from environmentally friendly. In addition, this problem can also be solved by offering plant-based plastics that are easily biodegradable. Through the innovations you offer, of course you and your staff play an active role in reducing the amount of plastic waste that pollutes the environment and endangers animals.

2. What can you and the community do?
After finding a problem and offering a solution, you also need to ask the opinion of the surrounding community. This will help you and the community to understand what things can be done to overcome everyday problems. After discussing and making decisions, then you begin to prepare the community for work. Give them training so that they master the skills needed in the production process. Through this way, you can produce quality products for your customers.

3. Determine the type of business that is right for you
Being a sociopreneur makes you have to think of profit as mutual benefit. Therefore, every decision should be made based on the interests of all parties. Use a business model that not only helps you grow, but also helps the community. In addition, you can also create activities after the sale. For example, within one month of sales, you will use some of the profits to help people in need, whether in the form of food assistance, education, to health benefits.

4. Run a sustainable business
One of the things that determines the success of a business is the nature of the business, whether the business is a sustainable business or just a seasonal business. One way to make your business a sustainable business is by presenting products that are the basic needs of society or a solution to problems that have been experienced by the community. Also, don’t forget to do the right marketing strategy. If you want your business to be more developed, you can also find business partners to work together.

5. Pay attention to social impacts
Make sure the business you run has a positive impact on society. As explained earlier, if for example you produce environmentally friendly shopping bags, the social impact can be seen from the reduction in the amount of plastic waste. Indicators of success for a sociopreneur are basically not only focused on profit figures, but also on the success of your mission to help the community.

Being a sociopreneur is a great choice because you run a business not only on your own behalf, but also on mutual interests. Approximately, what type of product do you want to offer through sociopreneurship?


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