Have you ever heard that the dropship business is a simple business? This is because dropship actors do not need to produce or supply goods from distributors. However, it does not mean becoming a dropshipper is a profession that is easy to do so . It takes a lot of effort so that you can become a reliable and trusted dropshipper. Let’s follow these 5 strategies so that your dropship business will be more efficient!


  1. Provide original quality products

Even though you are not directly involved in the production process, you need to ensure that the items you offer are original quality. Moreover, in the market, there are many parties who try to sell imitated goods. Of course, this makes these items can not last as long as the original goods.

In addition, the supply of original products is also your effort to provide good service for customers. Directly, you can build customer confidence in your business. In general, a dropship business can last a long time if the business can provide quality products.


  1. Serve customers to the maximum

One of the factors that makes shoppers go back to your store is because they feel satisfied with the items they buy and the shopping experience they get. Therefore, in addition to ensuring product quality, you also need to optimize service quality. Simple things like using polite words when replying to messages and sending orders neatly and on time in fact have a significant effect on the level of customer satisfaction. To make it easier for customers to transact, you can also use a variety of non-cash payment options in the Cashlez App, ranging from payments using credit / debit cards, digital payments such as OVO, GoPay, LinkAja, and ShopeePay, and virtual accounts.


  1. Provide products that are sought after by customers

High or low sales of a dropship businessman is not determined by luck alone. Need the right strategy so that your sales can run optimally. For example, a dropshipper needs to be sensitive to market conditions so that he can see the types of products that are needed. A simple example is adjusting the type of product to the tendency of people in the new normal era who usually need protective devices such as masks or disinfectant fluids such as the satinizer hand . In addition, many people also need vitamins and drinks made from spices to increase endurance.


  1. Give promotions to attract the attention of customers

One of the benefits of being a dropshipper is that you don’t have to pay a lot of money, for example for production costs and operational costs. Hence, you can easily hold promos so that customers are interested in buying your products. If you can give promos consistently, customers will also be more loyal because they can get special prices and other benefits when shopping. This strategy is also effective to make your store more known to customers because in general, customers who are satisfied shopping at one place will promote the place to the people closest to them.


  1. Give special prices for purchases in large quantities

In addition to providing promotions, you can also adjust prices for customers who buy products in large quantities. For example, if there are customers who buy 5 or more items, you can provide a price reduction of 10 to 20 percent. You can share this information with the online store that you own or when customers interact with you via chat. Of course, you can also determine which product purchases can get discounts and which product purchases cannot be discounted.


To develop a dropship business requires the right strategy, from how to sell to the price you offer. Also use the remote payment features such as online card payment and virtual accounts on the Cashlez App!

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