We all know the term entrepreneur, but actually, there are several types of it! One of them is sociopreneur alias social entrepreneurship. The term sociopreneur refers to a business owner who runs a business based on the influence of the business on society and the environment.
The phenomenon of sociopreneurship is usually found in millennials. They believe that being a sociopreneur is a solution to do a passion for doing business and at the same time overcoming problems that occur in the community context. So, what should be prepared by a sociopreneur? Here are the answers!
1. Ideas emerge from the society problems
The business idea of a sociopreneur can usually be found from the existing problems around. So, the business built into a solution to overcome the impact of these problems. For example, if there is a waste problem, then a sociopreneur can offer solutions in the form of buying and selling services for waste or craft business which is processed from some wastes.
2. Concern on the impacts caused by a problem
Before starting a business, a sociopreneur needs to validate it first. That is, he needs to find information about things related to and the problem. Then, based on these information, he can estimate, what is the effect of the problem, both in terms of material and social.
3. Business products are the solution
After learning about the problems that arise in society, then a sociopreneur needs to think, what solutions have business value and can be the answer to overcome these problems. The solution is what will become the product offered.
4. Do some trials
Once the problem and the solution have been found, the next thing the sociopreneur will do is test the business model to find out what the business process is like. This will help a sociopreneur to study the business as a whole, from production to sales to sales records.

5. Find partners who have the same vision
To expand your business network, you need to invite people who share your vision to become business partners. The presence of business partners is important so you can exchange ideas and overcome challenges that arise.
Each sociopreneur certainly has his/her own passion which aims to provide solutions for the community. Are you interested to become a sociopreneur?

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