As we know, Indonesia is known as an agricultural country which indicates that most of its population depends on the agricultural sector. So, this field also has a major influence on economic growth.


In addition, the potential of the agricultural sector in Indonesia is also supported by abundant natural wealth and strategic position, which is located in the tropics so that the level of rainfall is high.

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Therefore, it is not surprising that many types of agricultural products can be cultivated in Indonesia. In fact, it is not uncommon for Indonesian farmers to export their products to various countries. Well, if you are also one of the agricultural business people or plan to run a business in this field, consider the following 5 tips.



1. Adjust to market needs


One of the keys to the success of the agricultural business is the ability of business actors to provide products that are needed by the community. For example, the increasing awareness of the importance of maintaining health has made many people now switch to consuming organic food ingredients instead of using conventional food ingredients.

Well, you can also use this to cultivate organic fruit, rice, and vegetables that are free from pesticides and do not use synthetic ingredients. In addition to organic farming, you can also cultivate various other trending foodstuffs.


2. Determine the appropriate field of agribusiness


If you are just starting a business in the field of agribusiness, then you should also pay attention to which field of agribusiness you will run. You see, the scope of agribusiness is not only limited to plant cultivation, but also alternative choices in other fields that we can try.

Several types of agribusiness fields that you can consider are business cultivation and livestock cultivation. Of course, in addition to interest, you also have to study the field of agribusiness that you will run and consider whether you have sufficient land or not.

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3. Utilizing the vertical farming system


Are you one of the entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector who is confused about developing your business because you have limited land? Basically, you can still expand by presenting a vertical farming system.

This farming system allows you to plant in stages, so even a narrow area can still be used optimally. To create a multilevel planting system, you can arrange shelves on which the pots will later be placed.


4. Choose a modern planting site


If you want to maximize the land you have, then you can use modern planting media. For example, you use polybags, used plastic bottle packaging, or other alternative media.

When we can use various containers for planting, we can turn our narrow land into fertile agricultural land.


5. Manage finance wisely


As a business actor in agriculture, you don’t just need to focus on how to cultivate land and cultivate various vegetables, fruits, and other agricultural commodities to the fullest. It is also important to ensure that the financial condition of your business remains stable, for example, such as selecting operational costs that you can reduce.


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Agricultural businesses in Indonesia have great potential to develop their businesses because they are supported by a strategic location, a supportive climate, and abundant natural wealth. Not to mention, there is a lot of technology support that will help them make their farming business even more optimal!


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