As a nutritious and good basic food to maintain a healthy body, vegetables are one of the basic needs that must be provided on the daily diet. Therefore, the level of demand for vegetables in the market is also fairly high. Therefore, we can find vegetables easily in various places, ranging from markets, supermarkets, grocery stores, to mobile vendors. Meanwhile, the vegetable business opportunity has also grown since the emergence of Covid-19. The government’s recommendation to do activities inside the house makes many consumers rely on online purchasing systems, including when shopping for vegetables.


In addition to developing into an online business, vegetable business is also widely considered by potential entrepreneurs because it does not require a lot of fund. If you have your own land, operational costs for managing a vegetable business will be more affordable. Besides having good prospects, the vegetable business is also very suitable for you who live in rural areas. In a way, this business also does not recognize trends because there are various types of vegetables that continue to grow regardless of the type of season that is ongoing.


However, to make your vegetable business grow, you certainly need to do the right strategy. Moreover, we have also entered a new normalization period (new normal), which of course makes businesses have to adjust their habits with health protocols so as to avoid the risk of exposure to the Covid-19 virus. Do the following 6 tips so you can do business vegetables successfully in the new normal.

1. Select vegetables before selling them to customers

Before you sell your products to customers, you must first check the quality of the vegetables. Make sure the vegetables you sell are in good condition and separate fresh vegetables from slightly wilted vegetables. This is important so that your customers get products with satisfactory quality.

2. Pack the vegetables neatly

In addition to making sure vegetables stay fresh, you also need to maintain the quality of vegetables through the packaging you use. The packaging can be either plastic wrap or styrofoam. If you want to use environmentally friendly products, you can also package them using paper boxes or even banana leaves. This packaging will also keep vegetables clean, neat and attractive.

Make sure your store is always clean

As we know, now the government and society have entered the new normal period. In this era, the application of health protocols is essential to ensure that everyone remains safe and protected from the risk of transmission of the Covid-19 virus. Therefore, you also need to maintain store hygiene, for example through the use of disinfectants on a regular basis and require each visitor to wear a mask.

4. Sell products at competitive prices

To ensure your sales run smoothly, you also need to consider the selling price of vegetables. Make sure the price is neither too expensive nor too low so you can manage finances appropriately. Give customers competitive prices according to the quality of the product you offer.

5. Improve service quality

It is not only the quality of the product that is important in the new normal times. The quality of your service also needs to be developed. As we know, the use of non-cash transactions has increased since the pandemic because it can reduce direct contact. Well, Cashlez has a solution for you who want to trade safely and easily. Through various features such as online card payment, QuickShare, and Virtual Account, you can transact securely without direct contact.

The vegetable business has promising potential, especially if you can use the right strategy to make sales. Are you ready to do vegetable business in the new normal era?

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